The Federal Youth Authority launches the “Career Guidance for UAE Youth” initiative

Shamma Al Mazrouei: "Investing in developing youth skills is a priority through which we work to translate the leadership vision."

The Federal Youth Foundation announced the launch of the “Career Guidance for Emirati Youth” initiative, which aims to contribute to building and developing youth expertise and competencies, by providing an interactive government platform that brings together human resources specialists in the public and private sectors with the UAE youth who are coming on their first career steps, whether To support building their CV or preparing for job interviews, or creating a professional account page on the global LinkedIn platform.

The initiative targets Emirati youth in the age group between 18 and 35 years, as it will provide them with rehabilitation, training and counseling services for their first professional step. It also provides an opportunity for experts and specialists in human resources to serve the community by empowering young people, contributing to building their capabilities, and equipping them with the necessary skills to successfully start their career. .

The Foundation also cooperates with the global "LinkedIn" network to provide specialized lectures and workshops for young people, helping them to develop their professional files on the network, and acquire practical skills in new sectors, such as entrepreneurship, in addition to providing trainers and human resources specialists with practical tools that support the development and improvement of the capabilities of cadres. The young lady.

Minister of State for Youth Affairs, Shamma bint Suhail Faris Al Mazrouei, said: “Investing in developing youth skills is a strategic priority, through which we work to translate the vision of the leadership that believes that youth are the main engine for the sustainability of the nation’s progress and prosperity. This initiative seeks to explore the interests and aspirations of youth, and provide them With skills and experience, and identifying paths that suit their preferences and abilities to better plan for their professional future, and to ensure the achievement of distinction and creativity in their career path.

For his part, the Director General of the Federal Youth Foundation, Saeed Muhammad Al Nazri, said: “This initiative comes to translate our shared responsibility to support young people at the beginning of their career, as specialists and experts participate in human resources departments to guide and guide them according to their specializations, field of study and experience, to raise youth readiness at the beginning Their first professional experiences, whether by developing their CVs according to best practices or choosing the appropriate professional field according to the trends of the labor market, preparing for job interviews and taking advantage of the available opportunities, or strengthening their professional digital presence through specialized professional platforms, such as the global LinkedIn platform. ».

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