• Islamist attack in France: police shoot down a suspected Islamist who had beheaded a teacher for teaching Muhammad cartoons in class

History and geography teacher

Samuel Paty

, 47, was beheaded this Friday for teaching Muhammad cartoons in class.

Those who knew him emphasize that "he turned to his profession."

"When I saw a link of the beheading of a teacher, I clicked and said 'it's Mr. Paty,'" says Martial, 16, who headed downtown Friday night with several friends as soon as he heard the news. when leaving his soccer training.

This high school student remembers very well his former history and geography teacher at a supposedly quiet school, located in the heart of a residential area in a

city ​​of 35,000 people northwest of Paris


"At the beginning of the year he presented himself. He said he came from another school in Créteil because his wife had been transferred for work," recalls the young man.

Samuel Paty, with short brown hair,

was "short", wore glasses and "always wore a shirt,"

recalls Nathan, 16, another former student.

"We had discussions in class"

The teacher was known for the effort he put into his students.

"He was devoted to his work

, he liked it a lot," says Martial.

"He really wanted to teach us things. From time to time we had debates, we talked."

Samuel Paty was beheaded on a street near the school around five in the afternoon this Friday.


attacker - an 18-year-old Russian from Chechen -

jumped on him and shortly thereafter was shot dead by police.

The President of the Republic,

Emmanuel Macron

, who attended the scene described it as an "Islamist terrorist attack" and called on "the whole nation" to join the teachers to "protect and defend them."

According to early research, the teacher had shown his 4th graders a cartoon of Muhammad last week.

Crossing of complaints

A fact that had reached Rodrigo Arenas, co-president of the FCPE, the first association of parents of students, due to the

tensions that his initiative generated with certain parents of students


According to a close source, a student's father had filed a complaint against Samuel Paty, who in return

had filed a defamation complaint against him


According to Arenas, the victim "invited Muslim students out of the classroom" before showing a

drawing of the prophet crouching with a star drawn on his buttocks and the inscription "A star is born



"Every year I did"

"Every year he did it," says Virginie, 15, who knew the teacher.

"I was in the EMC (moral and civic education) program, it was to talk about the

freedom related to the Charlie Hebdo attack,

" says the young woman.

However, this year the father of a student posted a message on social media.

In a video, he described the teacher as a "bully" who "should no longer remain in the National Education" and invited other parents of students to mobilize.

Since this "story" occurred, Mr. Paty "was not well," Myriam, a 13-year-old schoolgirl, had observed, mimicking his frown as she wandered the hallways.

"I heard some students saying 'ah, he's the racist,'" he recalls.

Other adjectives such as "Islamophobic" also circulated.


He did not do it to create controversy

or disrespect children or discriminate," says Nordine Chaouadi, whose 13-year-old son was in his second year with Professor Paty.

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