To develop an educational system capable of absorbing the effects of "Corona"

Implementing the "Alef Platform" in public schools

Al Hammadi and Alfonso during the announcement of the initiative.

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The Ministry of Education announced the implementation of the "Alef platform" in public schools, with the aim of developing an Emirati digital educational system capable of absorbing the variables and impacts left by the Corona pandemic, and transforming the challenges facing remote education systems into promising opportunities.

Alef Education will launch its innovative platform, Alef Platform, for the current academic year in 196 schools in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al-Quwain, Ras Al-Khaimah and Fujairah, within a timeframe that extends over phases ending in December.

The Ministry and the Alef Education Company aim to provide the educational system with the latest findings of digital education, employing artificial intelligence and big data, to enhance the prospects for smart education in the UAE, based on prestigious educational services for students that meet their individual needs and instill in them commitment to their society.

The "Alef" platform for education will be used to teach six school subjects: Arabic, Mathematics, Science, Islamic Education, Social Education and English, from the fifth to the ninth grade. An additional 40,000 students will benefit from this expansion.

Academic programs will be provided to assist teachers and students in implementing the self-learning strategy.

Alef Company will hold monthly virtual seminars to cover the advantages of the platform and highlight the practices that give additional impetus to the educational process.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education, Eng. Abdul Rahman Al Hammadi, confirmed that practical steps are being taken within a deliberate and strategic time frame, taking into account the needs and requirements of each stage in the education process in the country.

In turn, CEO of Alef Education, Geoffrey Alfonso, said that the platform enables students to follow their courses, and helps teachers through the feature of collecting real-time data on students' performance and their understanding of the content, and the time spent in each lesson, which enables the teacher to understand the points of Each student's weakness.

Alef Education provides training courses for 4,000 teachers and 600 supervisors, to support their administrative and technical knowledge in dealing with the platform, and use it in a way that allows them to obtain instant data, form an integrated picture of students and their abilities, and develop a real and accurate assessment of their needs, in order to provide them with support and assistance to improve Their educational attainment.

The company launched the smart platform "Alef" in 2017, and nearly 100,000 students benefited from it in 150 government schools in Abu Dhabi, a government school in Fujairah, and more than 77 private schools in the UAE, in addition to its operations outside the country, specifically in seven schools in the states. USA, and school in Canada.

6 study subjects

The "Alef Education" platform is used to teach six school subjects:

Arabic language, mathematics, science, Islamic education, social education, English language.

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