Notarize the rental contract with forged documents

Detention of 4 persons accused of renting housing units without their owners' knowledge

An Emirati businessman was surprised to rent housing units (workers housing with more than 400 rooms) to a company without his knowledge or the knowledge of his brothers and the rest of the heirs of his father, who was the owner of these units before his death, and it was found that four defendants participated in forging official documents that included the owner's passport and a registration certificate. Data and a map of the land for the success of their plan, and they were all arrested and referred to the Public Prosecution, and from there to the Criminal Court, which ruled that they were imprisoned for six months and fined 2000 dirhams for each accused.

The businessman said in the investigations of the Public Prosecution that he did not know any of the accused, and the matter was all surprising to him, explaining that he inherited from his father, along with the rest of his brothers, a plot of land on which labor housing was built that contains 464 rooms, most of which are rented to companies, and no one has the right to sign contracts Only he and one of his brothers rented it.

He added that the incident started when a person wanted to rent a number of rooms in the residence, so a contract was concluded with him, and he went to issue a data registration certificate from the Ejari Corporation, but he was surprised that the rooms were rented to another company, and an official certificate was issued in its name from the institution, so he was surprised and directed himself. To the Dubai Land Department, and it was really confirmed that the man’s words were correct, and that the rooms were rented to a company about which he did not know anything and he had never met with their owners, so he requested the papers and documents on the basis of which the rental certificate was documented, and included a rental contract and a request for a certificate and a copy of a passport in its name. All of them are forged, pointing out that the defendants put his full name in the form of the forged passport, but the rest of the data is incorrect, so he wrote a report on the incident, and the accused were reached and convicted by the Dubai Criminal Court.

The property owners were surprised that the rooms were rented to another company, and an official certificate was issued in its name.

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