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This Friday, he returns to the initiative in the form of a rant from Patrick Althusser, mayor of the village of Muhlbach-sur-Munster.

He installed a large sign in the city center to remind city dwellers stopping over in his city that it is the countryside and that they must "respect these places and the people who are used to them".

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And this Friday morning, an initiative in the form of a rant.


Written in capital letters, blue white red, on a large panel installed in the city center of Muhlbach-sur-Munster, a village of 770 inhabitants in the Haut-Rhin.

And the thread of the streets of the village is the cows in the pastures, the rooster crowing and the church steeple.

That's the countryside !

Patrick Althusser, the mayor of the village, wishes to remind all those who come from the city, those passing through and those who settle down.

So he had a sign installed in the city?

On the village square, we can read: "You are in the countryside, here we have two bell towers, roosters crowing early in the morning, flocks in the meadows, farmers who work to give you food".

The text adds: "If you cannot stand the noise of the countryside, it is your right. But respect these places and the people who are used to them".

"Some people were disturbed by cow bells in a neighboring village," the mayor told our colleagues from France Bleu Alsace.

"A couple even removed these clarines to no longer be disturbed", it was the click of the installation of this panel.

It is above all a preventive message, insists the city councilor, without any belligerent inclination.

A mayor who is also scalded by the recent case of the Maurice rooster on the Island of Oléron which ended up in court, the owners attacked by neighbors inconvenienced by the song of the animal.

What do the inhabitants of the village say about this initiative?

Many support it, it is the defense of their rurality.

“City dwellers do not have to impose their law on country people,” they say.