China News Service, October 16 According to a Reuters report, on the 16th local time, hundreds of New Zealand passengers arrived in Sydney, Australia by flight. After they arrive, they can enter the country without compulsory isolation.

This is also the first batch of international passengers who do not need to be quarantined since the new crown epidemic forced the two countries to restrict the entry of passengers.

  Australian authorities said that in an attempt to reopen the international tourism industry, tourists on approved flights will not need to be quarantined in Sydney.

  However, this is a unilateral agreement between Australia and New Zealanders returning to New Zealand still need to be quarantined for 14 days, and Australian tourists are currently unable to travel to New Zealand.

  Air New Zealand said that about 90% of people travelling on Air New Zealand on the 16th booked one-way travel.

  New South Wales Governor Berrejiklian expressed the hope that New Zealand will relax restrictions on people from Australia soon.