The idea of ​​introducing requirements for mouth protection was hatched after three students at the school fell ill with covid-19 after a party about two weeks ago.

Out of concern that the school would develop into a hotbed of infection, the school management initially decided that the teaching would take place at a distance.

But on Friday, the school reopened for on-site teaching, with the requirement that all students and teachers at the school should wear mouth guards.

Something that Aftonbladet was the first to report on.

- We wanted a safe start for the students when they returned to school after the distance education.

We simply took the safe before the unsafe, says Peter Heddelin, principal at the school.

"Some who have questioned the claim"

The school distributes the mouth guards and the students can choose whether they want to use them or not in the classrooms.

But in all public places in the school, such as in the dining room and in the corridors, it is, according to Peter Heddelin, a requirement.

- Most students are positive, but there are some who have questioned the requirement and wonder why our school has mouth protection when no other school has it.

And I respect that, students should question, he says.

Recently, the school has noticed that many students forget to follow the Public Health Agency's advice to keep their distance, among other things.

- We see this as a signal value to our students, says Peter Heddelin about the oral protection requirement.

After the autumn holidays, the school will make a new decision on the issue, depending on how the pandemic has developed.