• The priest. The confession of the false priest who attacked the house of Bárcenas: "Mother, they paid me to enter that house"

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The judge of the National Court investigating the Kitchen piece, within the known

Villarejo case

, has summoned

Enrique Olivares García

, the false priest who assaulted the house of the former treasurer of the PP, Luis Bárcenas

, to testify as investigated this Friday, October 16


The head of the Central Court of Instruction number 6,

Manuel García Castellón

, has cited Olivares as a possible accomplice in the crimes of embezzlement and bribery of the police operation organized to spy on Bárcenas, as reported by legal sources.

Before the judge begins to question this suspect, who was sentenced to 22 years in prison for the kidnapping in October 2013 of Bárcenas's wife and son, a forensic examination was carried out, according to the same sources.

An expert report, which works in the



, indicates that he "does not have the skills" to testify in the case.

Judge García Castellón already ordered in 2019 to investigate the list of people who had come to visit Olivares in prison, the calls he had received during his stay in the penitentiary, as well as the identity of the people who had made admissions in the pension accounts .250 euros in the first days of the month-, as a result of a request made by the Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office in January of that year.

The origin of the revolver

In their brief, the prosecutors indicated that, "through open sources -direct references in digital media-, it has been learned that the investigated

Sergio Ríos Esgueva

(Bárcenas' driver), captured as a collaborator in the

Kitchen operation

, in which he was designated as




, could not have been the only collaborator captured (...) and another individual identified as Enrique Olivares García could also have taken part in the same police operation ".

Among the proceedings, the judge also asked to find out the origin of the revolver used by the false priest in the assault to try to determine if he was one of the people captured by the

Kitchen plot

, organized by the retired commissioner and in provisional prison José Manuel Villarejo and the police leadership at the time, to spy on the former



and his family with the funds reserved for the Ministry of the Interior.

It is the weapon with which he threatened, once he entered the house after posing as a priest from the Penitentiary Institutions to process the parole of Bárcenas,

Rosalía Iglesias

, her son


and a domestic employee.

"Either you tell me the information that will overthrow the Government or I will kill you," he warned them, according to the police report, included in the summary of the

Kitchen case


However, in a February 2019 report, Internal Affairs noted that "it has not been possible to determine the specific origin" of the revolver -type

Bristish Bulldog-

, underlining that "it is received in poor condition."

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