María Chivite

has rejected the proposal made from Navarra Suma to

facilitate the 2021 budgets

that her government draws up without any retouching with the only condition that it does not negotiate them again with EH Bildu.

Javier Esparza

, spokesman for the Navarra Suma parliamentary group and president of UPN, has conveyed his offer to Chivite in the telematic meeting held between the two.

Chivite, who agreed with EH Bildu on the 2020 budgets, later met with two spokesmen for Arnaldo Otegi's coalition in Navarra with whom he will continue contacts to close an agreement that opens up the possibility of a

"moderate" tax reform

that raises the public income of the provincial community.

UPN president Javier Esparza has asked Chivite to

"separate from EH Bildu so that the Abertzale left does not condition the future of Navarra."

A community in an

extreme situation

with a high level of contagion since the beginning of the pandemic in Spain but that in the second wave exceeds the criterion used in Madrid of 10% PCR positives (11.8% in Navarra), doubles the national average in infected per 100,000 inhabitants (444.45) and has avoided confinement because it does not reach 35% of the places in Intensive Care Units (ICUs).

An extreme situation in which Navarra Suma underlines its commitment to "an exercise of responsibility never seen before," according to Esparza, by facilitating the Government of Navarra to design budgets for 2021 focused on health care and socioeconomic recovery.

Esparza, the most voted candidate in the 2019 elections, yesterday told Chivite that the parliamentarians of Navarra Suma

would guarantee the approval of budgets that will approach 4,500 million euros with their abstention


The president of Navarra heard Esparza's proposal this afternoon but expressed her willingness to negotiate with all the groups in the regional Parliament, including EH Bildu.

Chivite's position regarding Esparza's political gift had already been advanced a few hours before by the socialist spokesman in the Navarre Chamber,

Ramón Alzórriz,

who interpreted Javier Esparza's willingness to facilitate the accounts of the Chivite government as a "veto and blackmail". is forced to negotiate with the Basque independence coalition.

"This is not a time for

blackmail or vetoes or exclusions of anyone,"

insisted Alzórriz, who was already part of the contacts maintained with EH Bildu at the start of the legislature that allowed Chivite to be inaugurated.

In addition, the PSN reached its first budget agreement in the legislature with the coalition led by

Arnaldo Otegi

in which Chivite increased its budgets by 16.7 million to accommodate the claims made by EH Bildu.



Bakartxo Ruiz and Adolfo Araiz

you have moved to Chivite in the meeting held late afternoon willingness to reedit the pact of 2019 ,

but also warned him of the need for adjustments to

address tax to make up for

the drop collection caused by the economic recession of Covid-19.

Navarra, with fiscal sovereignty by the Amejoramiento Law, intends to

compensate for the fall in its income with the use of public debt,

but Chivite's government partners such as Geroa Bai and Podemos align with the arguments of EH Bildu and advocate a review fiscal.

The former president of Navarra and leader of Geroa Bai

Uxue Barkos

has already warned early in the morning that, given the "de facto veto" of Navarra Suma with EH Bildu, it will be Esparza's formation who will be left out of the negotiation budgetary.

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