Tawam Hospital rescues a young man whose heart has stopped

During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, the emergency department at Tawam Hospital in Al Ain received a 27-year-old man with severe and sudden shortness of breath two hours before arrival, and within minutes of his arrival, he suffered a cardiac arrest (cardiac arrest) due to a low level Oxygen and low blood pressure, and although pneumonia caused by COVID-19 was a source of suspicion and concern;

However, the sudden nature of the deterioration prompted the emergency team to perform a bedside ECG, which showed the presence of massive pulmonary embolism (large blood clots in the lungs).

The hospital explained that the doctors supported life and gave him a medicine to dissolve clots (a medicine called Teblas is given intravenously for two hours to dissolve blood clots), and CPR was performed for 90 minutes to provide sufficient time for both the medicine (chemically) and for the Corbellus device (mechanically) to dissolve Blood clots. After successful resuscitation in the emergency department, the patient was admitted to the intensive care unit, and the cardiology, pulmonology, nephrology and hematology team also looked into the case.

The hospital pointed out that usually 1 in 4 patients survives cardiac arrest in the hospital, however, the death rate from heart attacks among patients with mega-obstructive pulmonary reaches 95%, moreover, going out to the home with healthy nerves Brain function) is rare in these survivors.

He pointed out that the CPR is usually performed for about 20 minutes, and resuscitation often stops if the patient does not recover, but the new Corbulus device enabled us to perform a prolonged resuscitation without straining the team.

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