China News Service, Nanchang, October 12 (Liu Weihua, Yuan Fenglei, Wei Meijuan) Jiangxi Children's Hospital formally signed a contract with the National Children's Medical Center (Beijing) on ​​the 11th, becoming a cooperative hospital of the center.

  The National Children's Medical Center (Beijing), with Beijing Children's Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University as the main body, is responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of difficult and critical pediatric diseases in China, demonstration and promotion of appropriate and effective high-level diagnosis and treatment technologies, and construction of pediatric disease prevention and treatment networks. .

  According to reports, after Jiangxi Children’s Hospital and National Children’s Medical Center (Beijing) formally signed a contract, Beijing Children’s Hospital will import high-quality resources and provide high-level platforms for Jiangxi Children’s Hospital in terms of specialist assistance, talent training, and scientific research innovation. Help develop new technologies.

  Wang Shuipi, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Jiangxi Provincial Health Commission, said on the same day that Beijing Children’s Hospital and Jiangxi Children’s Hospital have signed an inauguration agreement. This is a brand-new cooperation model initiated by the two parties to achieve complementary advantages and share resources. It is a major benefit for children’s health in old areas. Happy events, great deeds, and great facts are of great significance to deepening the medical and health cooperation between Jiangxi and Beijing, improving the level of pediatric medical care in Jiangxi, and promoting the development of health care.

  Wang Shuipi said that this time Beijing Children’s Hospital has established a collaborative relationship with Jiangxi Children’s Hospital to carry out precision medical assistance. It is believed that under the leadership of Beijing Children’s Hospital, Jiangxi Children’s Hospital will provide pediatric medical technology, service quality, and management level. It will be greatly improved, the results will be fruitful, and the hospital's various career development will also reach a higher level.

  Ni Xin, director of the National Children’s Medical Center and dean of Beijing Children’s Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University, said that one of the important purposes of signing the contract with Jiangxi Children’s Hospital is to help Jiangxi, an old revolutionary base, improve the level of child health services. The National Children’s Medical Center is willing to cooperate with Jiangxi Province. The comrades of the Children's Medical Alliance joined forces to establish a four-level diagnosis and treatment system to contribute to the health of children in Jiangxi Province.

  Fu Chao, Secretary of the Party Committee of Jiangxi Children’s Hospital, said that the hospital will use this cooperation as a new starting point, relying on Beijing’s high-quality medical resources, to elevate various tasks to a higher level, and better meet the people’s demand for high-quality medical services. demand.