Dubai Health: Examination of "Covid-19" in 3 commercial centers

Al-Qutami inspects the laboratory testing centers and stresses the importance of people adhering to prevention instructions

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The Dubai Health Authority has designated sites for laboratory tests for Coronavirus in three commercial centers, as part of its preventive, proactive steps that it takes in the face of "Covid-19", which include expanding the scope of examinations, and accessing this necessary service to people in their various locations at the level of Dubai.

The authority said that those wishing to conduct laboratory tests for "Covid-19" in the designated centers in (Mall of the Emirates, Deira City Center and Mirdif City Center), must obtain a prior appointment by calling the authority's unified and free service number (800342). To facilitate the community members and preserve their time and effort.

The authority allocated the three sites in coordination with the concerned and relevant authorities, while providing all the supplies and equipment on which a group of its medical cadres are based within the framework of health and safety standards and protocols approved locally and internationally, and in force in this regard.

It increased the capacity of the examinations to more than 180 examinations per day for each center, over an extended period from 11 am to 6 pm, seven days a week, while the authority was keen to issue the results of the examinations and send them to the person concerned within the privacy standards, via text message, and within 24 hours Only, for a nominal fee not exceeding 150 dirhams.

For his part, the Director General of the Authority, Hamid Muhammad Al-Qatami, made an inspection tour of the "Covid-19" examination centers in the centers (Mall of the Emirates, Deira City Center, and Mirdif City Center), to check on the progress of work and the regularity of the examination procedures.

7 criteria for admission of "Covid-19" patients in intensive care units

The Dubai Health Authority has set seven criteria for hospitalization of "Covid-19" patients in the intensive care unit in private health facilities licensed by the Ministry, with the aim of providing the most appropriate treatment while preserving the hospitals' capacity.

The authority stated in a circular of its destination to all private health facilities licensed by it in Dubai, that the list of criteria includes the patient's suffering from hypoxia, as he does not respond to normal ventilation or under high pressure, as well as when multiple failure occurs in the functions of the body organs, and the admission of a patient. Covid-19 »Intensive care in the event of a severe hypotension requires the administration of drugs to lift it, or drugs that increase the ability of the heart to contract, as well as if acute kidney failure occurs that requires dialysis.

And she continued: “The criteria also include the need for the patient to need non-surgical ventilation, that is, without the need for a surgical opening to insert any breathing apparatus or tube, as well as cases that require the need for surgical ventilation, in addition to impending respiratory failure, with an increase in blood acidity. As a result of a high proportion of carbon dioxide or lactic acid ».

The authority confirmed that these criteria have been developed according to the latest scientific research and practices based on evidence and evidence, and those standards also apply to cases of "Covid 19" that actually need to be admitted to the intensive care unit to ensure the provision of the most appropriate treatment for them, as well as to preserve the absorptive capacity of health facilities. To guide it according to the needs of other disease cases.

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