The mole filmed the meeting with a hidden camera

- When I got the drawings, I thought that this is not just for fun, this is something they really thought about and mean, says Ulrich Larsen, who for ten years infiltrated the Korean Friendship Association (KFA) and thus got it confidence of the North Korean regime.

Over the years, Larsen met with the embassy's staff in Stockholm.

They considered him very loyal.

Embassy Councilor Ri Hak-chol was Larsen's primary contact person.

- It could take a month or two without contact, then he could call ten times in a month, says Ulrich Larsen.

What the embassy did not know was that Larsen was filming with a hidden camera to reveal the regime's crime against the UN arms embargo.

The improbable story revealed in the documentary Mullvaden reflects known approaches for the regime to break UN sanctions.

It has not previously been known that the embassy in Sweden was used for hidden business.

The embassy on Lidingö does not want to talk

SVT Nyheter has contacted the embassy in Stockholm to ask them to comment on the serious information revealed in the documentary.

When we reach the embassy councilor Ri Hak-chol, he denies the meeting at the embassy with Ulrich Larsen and says that this is the first time he hears about drawings at a weapons factory.

He declines an interview.

- What are you talking about, it's just nonsense and you can not send anything without our approval.

I warn you, I have not met anyone and know nothing about the factory.

It's just fabrications.