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    Europe exceeds 6 million cases.

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11 October 2020


yesterday recorded the second consecutive daily record of coronavirus cases: the World Health Organization (WHO) reports it on its website.

In the last 24 hours, there were 123,684 infections, about 8.3% more than the previous record of 114,227 cases recorded last Friday.

According to the WHO counts, the overall toll of infections in Europe is currently at 6,809,678.



has now recorded 15,166 new cases of coronavirus, up from 13,864 yesterday.

There have been 81 deaths in the past 24 hours. 

The UK has reached a "tipping point" in the coronavirus pandemic, similar to that of March, and in the coming weeks, in addition to the increase in cases, there will be an increase in dead: said Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, deputy medical director for England, quoted by the BBC.

For Van-Tam, "the season is bad for us" and the country will encounter "headwinds" before winter.

Coronavirus infections in


continue to grow

: Saturday's bulletin recorded 26,896 new positive cases, with a new leap forward compared to the 20,339 of yesterday, when the bar of 20 thousand cases was crossed for the first time.

The deaths in hospital in the last 24 hours are 54.