Chinanews, October 9th. According to Euronet, citing Eurolink News Agency, recently, the Italian police have increasingly conducted inspections of Chinese companies and communities in Prato.

  On the 7th local time, the Environmental Protection Department of Prato notified the media that according to the municipal management department’s analysis of waste tax payment data from 2015 to 2020, there were a total of 1,046 Chinese businessmen or Chinese families in Prato during the past 5 years. , Has never paid garbage tax to the government.

The Chinese living in Prato owes more than 1 million euros in government taxes only on the garbage tax.

  Prosecutor Giuseppe Nicolosi of the Prato Prosecutor's Office said that the new crown pneumonia epidemic is hitting Prato's society and economy severely, and it is necessary to further expand the safety inspections of enterprises to effectively combat tax evasion and illegal exploitation. Various violations of laws and regulations, such as labor, ensure a fair competitive environment in the Prato market.