China News Service, October 8th. According to the US "World Journal" report, it has been half a year since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia in New York. According to the latest investigation by the Chinese Landlord Organization, it is found that as the epidemic continues, Chinese landlords have made concessions to provide rent concessions to tenants However, landlords in Brooklyn and Staten Island have the highest rent arrears rate in the five major districts in the city, and more than half of the landlords still plan to vacant rental units.

  The latest data released on the 6th by New York Small Landlords (NYSL), a rights protection group composed of Chinese landlords, found that the rent arrears rate of New York City tenants in September rose slightly from the previous month, about 39.2%. Brooklyn has the highest rent arrears rate, and New Jersey has the highest rent arrears rate at 20%, which is the second lowest in the past six months. At the same time, about one-third of landlords have made concessions to provide rent reductions and other rent concessions for tenants hit by the epidemic. .

  The organization’s survey last month showed that 42% of landlords plan to leave their rental units vacant. Recently, Governor Andrew Cuomo extended the “Prohibition of Eviction of Tenants” three times to the 20th of this month, which also allowed most landlords. Plan to remain vacant, fearing that tenants will owe rent, more than half of Brooklyn and Staten Island landlords plan to leave rental units vacant.

  In the past, Chinese people used to pay rent in cash. During the epidemic, small landlords in New York repeatedly called on landlords to change to online rent collection. The organization stated that the number of tenants paying rent in cash has dropped significantly, from 50% in March this year. By 21, at the same time, 80% of landlords have switched to online rent collection; He Delin, the founder of a small landlord in New York, said that according to interviewed landlords, tenants who pay rent in cash usually have a higher rent arrears rate.

  Landlords are facing severe challenges as the epidemic continues. In order to assist small landlords in New York to defend their rights, the organization also provides members with lease legal lectures, debt collection services, in-depth background checks, and speaks on behalf of members and elected officials at the state and city levels.

(Yan Jiaying)