Census response rate is about 50% Revisit to call for cooperation October 8 6:19

In this census, the deadline for submitting responses was 7 days, but the response rate is only over 50%.

For this reason, investigators will return to households that have not responded and call for their cooperation.

The census is conducted once every five years for all people living in Japan in order to understand the actual situation of Japan's population and households, and it is required by law to respond.

This time, the deadline for submitting responses was 7 days, but according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the response rate was 53.1% as of the 6th, 1.3 points lower than the same period in the previous survey.

Last time, the surveyor visited households that did not respond after the submission deadline and collected the questionnaire, resulting in a final response rate of 86.9%.

For this reason, the investigators will visit again this time to call for cooperation, but in order to prevent the infection of the new coronavirus, we will refrain from visiting and will only request over the intercom and post documents.

In addition, we will accept answers via the Internet or mail for the time being.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications says, "If the response rate is low, the accuracy of the survey will be affected, so please answer."