For now, safe queues are required, that you keep your distance and there are not too many people on the premises.

In addition, the Red Cross cannot line up with volunteers at the various vaccination stations, as they usually do.

Many of the voluntary Red Cross members belong to the risk group itself.

The Corona pandemic has made other demands on the planning for this year's mass vaccination against seasonal flu.

- We will now have certain weeks for certain age groups, so that there are not so many queues, says operations manager Jennie Forsgren.

- The infection control doctor will send a letter to everyone in the risk groups, which clearly states which age group, who is vaccinated which week.

Starting in November

The risk groups are people over the age of 65, those with chronic diseases, pregnant women and healthcare professionals.

The risk group over the age of 65 includes many of the voluntary Red Cross members who in previous years helped to arrange queues and admissions to the vaccination premises.

This year, they will be replaced by the doormen, who have been at the health centers since January.

- I hope that the interest in getting vaccinated is greater this year.

It is especially important to get vaccinated against seasonal flu, because we have an ongoing pandemic, says Jennie Forsgren.

Mass vaccinations against seasonal flu will begin in early November.