Increased police presence and more personal checks are some parts of the police's strategy for accessing criminal networks.

But according to several people SVT has spoken to, it is not only suspected criminals who are affected.

The checks are also described as insulting and the actions of police officers as heated and aggressive.

An image confirmed by criminologist Leandro Schlarek Mulinari, who examined people's experiences of the police in vulnerable areas.  

- I have examples in my material where people have been stopped several times in one day.

People who are stopped based on how they look, he says.

"The police work with precision"  

But that people would experience the work of the police as offensive is rejected by police chiefs.

Also that the checks would be performed on anyone.  

- It's a dated picture.

The police work with precision and have a good idea of ​​who is involved in the violence, says Stephan Kiernan, section manager Stockholm North.   

In addition, building relationships with local residents is described as an important part of the work.

Something that Kiernan himself has worked actively with for many years as active in Stockholm's suburban areas, he says. 

- It is not felt that the police are there to create insecurity, but we are there to do a good job.

Afraid of threats and hatred 

A number of people that SVT has been in contact with must themselves have negative experiences of police checks.

Some have also been filmed and spread on social media. 

But none of those we talk to want to come forward with a name or picture.

Partly due to fear of threats and hatred, but also due to fear of negative reactions from the police.  

- It's not difficult to make this sound very shady.

But what we do know is that there are very many with similar views.

Everything from leisure staff, to lecturers, to associations, people who work actively in the area, who have been treated very badly.  

So says Semir, who is actually called something else.

He himself is unpunished and works with children and young people in the Järva area.

But he is said to have been stopped several times by the police, without knowing the reason. 

He says that the problem is not the presence of the police, but how they treat people in personal checks.     

- The police come with a cruel and cocky attitude.

In the long run, it becomes very offensive.

Do you think I'm a criminal just because I'm dark and sitting in a car that's dark?