Original title: Kenzo Takada, founder of the international fashion brand Kaizhuo, died in Paris due to new crown pneumonia at the age of 81

  China News Agency, Paris, October 4 (Reporter Li Yang) Kenzo Takada, the founder of the international fashion brand KENZO and a famous Japanese fashion designer, died of new crown pneumonia in Paris, France on the 4th local time. He was 81 years old.

  A spokesperson for Kenzo Takada issued a press release on the same day, saying that Kenzo Takada died at the American Hospital in Paris on the 4th due to new coronary pneumonia and related complications.

The spokesperson said that Kenzo Takada carried out more than 8,000 designs before his death, and has never stopped pursuing fashion and artistic life.

  Kaizhuo issued a statement on the same day to mourn the death of Kenzo Takada.

The statement said that Kaizhuo was "extremely sad" for the death of the brand founder Kenzo Takada. Mr. Takada has been a leader in the fashion industry for half a century, and he has long brought his creativity to the industry.

He will be deeply missed and will be remembered forever.

  Kaizhuo also posted photos of Kenzo Takada's youth through social media to commemorate him.

Felipe Baptista, the creative director of Kaizhuo, said that Kenzo Takada has amazing energy and talent, and is extremely infectious, and his spirit will last forever.

Paris Mayor Hidalgo also expressed his condolences for the first time.

  Kenzo Takada was born in Japan in February 1939, moved to France in 1965, and began to develop in the fashion industry.

Kenzo Takada made significant progress in his career in the 1970s. In 1970, he successfully established the international fashion brand Kaizhuo, which focuses on perfumes, cosmetics and fashion.

In 1993, French fashion giant LVMH bought Kaizhuo, and Kaizhuo has become its subsidiary ever since.

There are currently many Kaizhuo fashion stores in central Paris.

  After Kenzo Takada announced his retirement in the 1990s, he has been working in fashion design.

He settled in Paris for a long time in his later years.

AFP also released photos of Kenzo Takada's design work in his Paris apartment last year.

  Paris Fashion Week is currently underway.

Due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, many brands display new products through online channels.

The French epidemic has recently continued to rebound. Officials have imposed new restrictions on the number of parties and gatherings. The number of people attending fashion week on site has dropped significantly compared with previous years.