In the photo, the Bianchi brothers: they are part of the group that beat Willy Monteiro to death

  • Willy murder, Gdf will ask for seizure of assets for four accused

  • Murder Willy.

    Conte: "We expect severe and certain sentences".

    Bishop: "Barbaric and unjust death"

  • Murder Willy, a witness: "Everyone hit him."

    Count at the funeral

  • Boy beaten to death, 4 young people arrested.

    City mourning in Paliano and Colleferro

  • 3 of the 4 investigated for the murder of Willy Monteiro remain in prison.

    One under house arrest


04 October 2020

A tightening of the penalties for the crime of brawl and the Daspo from public and entertainment venues for those who have been denounced or convicted of violence outside a club

This is the news that the ministers Alfonso Bonafede and Luciana Lamorgese, as far as we know, are preparing to introduce in the security decree.

A "norm Willy", which comes after the killing of the young Monteiro Duarte, 21, following a beating on the night of September 6 in Colleferro outside a nightclub, and which increases the penalties for those who have participated in a fight , raising the fine from € 309 to € 2,000 and imprisonment - if someone is injured or killed in the fight - from a minimum of six months to a maximum of six years (now it ranges from three months to five years).

For the protagonists of riots or acts of violence the commissioner can order the Daspo from specific premises or public establishments: if violated there is imprisonment of up to two years and a fine of up to 20,000 euros.