College students' "back wave" joins the strong army

  -Our reporter Zhang Heyun Danhui fan

  35.9%, 41.7%, 50%, 60.2%, 72%.

This is the proportion of college students enlisted in the army from 2016 to 2020 in Henan Province.

  One-third of the more than 20 research and development achievements involve college students and soldiers. This is the statistical data of a brigade stationed in Tibet.

  The proportion of college students in the ranks of non-commissioned officers rose from 21.7% five years ago to nearly 50%. This is the data updated by the Military Department of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps at the end of September...

  Soldiers are an important component of the combat effectiveness of an army.

A first-class army must have first-class soldiers.

With the development of the times, the composition of our army, the quality of its soldiers, and the recruitment method have undergone tremendous changes.

Especially in the past five years, college student soldiers have accounted for "half of the conscripts" of the front-line combat troops, and they have become an important force in generating combat effectiveness.

Behind the changes in data, it reflects the continuous popularization of national higher education, the improvement of military service laws and the general increase in citizens' awareness of military service.

  Hu Rongfei, a young candidate from Shapingba District, Chongqing City, did not expect that his military road would be so "not smooth"——

  I thought that if you passed both the physical examination and the political examination, coupled with a university degree, it should be "proper" to wear a military uniform.

Who knows, the number of applicants in this district this year far exceeds the number of tasks, and university degrees have become the "standard" for recruits.

Because he has not yet received his graduation certificate, Hu Rongfei and another 120 college students who have passed the physical examination and political examination can only sign a scheduled soldier agreement, and they will realize their military dreams in the coming year.

  In the past 5 years, this kind of lens has gradually become commonplace in China.

With the improvement of national defense and military service laws and regulations, the in-depth popularization of national defense education for the whole people, and the further strengthening of the atmosphere for strengthening the army, citizens' awareness of military service has been comprehensively improved.

This year, the number of applicants for school-age young people nationwide exceeded 3 million.

It has become the consensus of aspiring young people to perform their duties as soldiers and "turn patriotism into a trip to serve the country."

  Zhao Yunfei, a cadre of the Air Force in the Central Theater District, did not expect that the current recruits are so "not easy to bring"—

  Organizing physical fitness training may be faced with graduates of physical education colleges holding a "physical fitness trainer certificate"; psychological behavior training, raising their hands to say a few words, may be college students majoring in psychology; carrying out revolutionary traditional education must be repeated Check the historical facts, because sitting in the audience can always pick out the wrong key university students...

  In the past five years, many grassroots leaders have expressed emotion that opening the roster of recruits is more and more like looking through the directories of universities in various places.

In 2016, the number of online applications for college students across the country exceeded 1 million; in 2017, more than half of the recruits were recruited as the main body; in 2019, the National College Student Recruitment Work Conference proposed to promote the transformation of conscription work to precise and precise recruitment of college students.

In 2020, college students accounted for more than 70% of recruits from many places, and the scale and structure of college student recruitment continued to be optimized.

"Showing their talents on the big stage of the military and tempering them into steel in the big melting pot of the military camp" has become the choice of many college students.

  Fan Guangqiang, director of the Divisional Mobilization Office of Jining Army, Shandong Province, did not expect that the current recruitment work is really "very simple"——

  A few years ago, during the conscription season, in order to reduce human relations and relationship interference, he had no choice but to miss acquaintances and not answer phone calls.

Nowadays, recruitment registrations are all online, the physical examination and political examination standards are clear, the ordering of soldiers is scored and ranked by computers, all behaviors are standardized, all operations are recorded, all processes can be monitored, all errors can be traced, work is accurate, efficient and transparent, and the clerical personnel are also better. Easy.

  These five years have been five years in which the military service policy system has been increasingly improved.

In 2016, the National Defense Mobilization Department of the Central Military Commission was established to innovate and implement the "five-rate" quantitative evaluation method for conscription work, which systematically ensures that the enrollment rate goes from low to high, the attendance rate goes from less to more, and the pass rate goes from false to real, and selects the best The change in the rate from coarse to fine, and from high to low in the rate of retreat has set up a rigid lever to test the effectiveness of the conscription work, and the recruitment of soldiers has accelerated from "collection according to the quantity" to "collection on demand".

  Not long ago, Wen Li, a recruit who graduated from Guizhou Medical University, took a special plane to Tibet with more than a hundred comrades-in-arms. They looked forward to spreading their youthful blood in the places where the motherland needed it most.

In the north and south of the river, countless "back waves" like Wen Li, who have the family and the world in mind, are stepping forward to join the strong army and revitalizing the army.