The Washington Post recently published an article co-authored by seven former directors of the US Food and Drug Administration.

The article criticized the Trump administration for interfering in the work of the U.S. Drug Administration, believing that this will erode the credibility of the U.S. Drug Administration and make the already difficult anti-epidemic work worse.

These seven former directors of the US Drug Administration called on the US government to respect science, discard ideological and interest considerations, and return to the right path of scientific anti-epidemic.

  This article was co-authored by seven former directors of the US Drug Administration, including Robert Calif, Scott Gottlieb, and Mark McClellan.

The article pointed out that the United States currently has more than 200,000 deaths from new coronary pneumonia, which is equivalent to the population of the entire city of Salt Lake City.

At such a difficult time, the U.S. government scorned science and blatantly interfered with the work of the agency for political purposes, including the formulation of vaccine approval standards and vaccine safety and effectiveness standards.

  The article pointed out that since its establishment 114 years ago, the US Drug Administration has been maintaining the safety of food and drugs in the United States in the spirit of science, and now it also shoulders the major mission of approving the launch of the new crown vaccine.

The actions of the US government not only interfered with the normal operation of the institution, but also eroded the huge credibility it has accumulated over the years, and brought huge ideological confusion to the American people in their joint efforts to fight the epidemic.

A poll this month found that about 42% of Americans lack confidence in the policies of the US Drug Administration, and once a vaccine approved by it comes out in the future, how many people are willing to get vaccinated remains a question mark.

If the U.S. Drug Administration loses public trust, there will be no way to contain the epidemic.

  The article stated that in order to effectively fight the epidemic, the US Drug Administration needs to maintain independence and follow scientific principles to carry out its work, rather than succumbing to political pressure, ideology and interest intrusion.

Political intervention in science will only plunge the United States deeper and deeper into the quagmire of the new crown pneumonia epidemic.