U.S. FBI Releases Video Call for Alerts to China's Spy Act October 1, 14:42

The FBI = Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United States has released a video produced based on the actual case, saying that China is using SNS to contact former employees of the U.S. government in an attempt to steal confidential information. We are calling for caution against Chinese spies.

The video released by the FBI on its website is a 26-minute drama based on an actual incident.

In the actual case, a former CIA employee of the Central Intelligence Agency was contacted by China through LinkedIn, a business exchange site, and visited Shanghai in 2017 to hand over confidential information in exchange for cash. Last year, he was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

At the end of the video, "Chinese intelligence agencies have contacted thousands of people in the United States and Western countries on SNS. They are various people with information such as governments, companies, research institutes, etc." Is calling.

The FBI wants to help people understand China's tactics through videos and report any suspicious contacts on SNS.

In recent years, the FBI has tightened its crackdown on espionage by China, arresting former CIA and Pentagon officials on suspicion of passing confidential information to China, as well as setting the stage at companies and universities. We are also becoming more vigilant against industrial espionage and academic spies.