The Royal Palace of Kirrwiller reopens its doors -

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  • A real institution in Alsace, the Royal Palace of Kirrwiller is the first major music hall to reopen its doors after confinement.

  • The first performance of the new review is scheduled for Saturday, October 3.

    With what measures?

    Will the mask be compulsory?

    We explain all that to you.

  • Reservations are struggling to take off.

    “In October, we have 5,600 people registered for the moment, compared to 20,000 last year.

    The third age does not come, there is not a coach operator.

    People are afraid but with us, they are sure to have a good time, ”explains the historic boss, Pierre Meyer.

“Ten minutes break.

South African director David Moore sends everyone on hiatus.

This Monday afternoon at the Royal Palace in Kirrwiller, the rehearsals are linked.

Time is running out: the famous music hall lost in a small corner of Alsace reopens this Saturday, October 3.

After seven months of closure.

Sitting in the front rows, Pierre Meyer, accompanied by his dog Choco, scrutinizes all the numbers with admiration.

"They are extraordinary," he enthuses over the choreography of the Duo Now.

Since 1980, the founder of the place has seen hundreds of artists pass but still seems to be driven by the same passion.

Disinfectant cabin and mask required

“It was a long seven months.

I was not happy to stay at home, ”he slips, he who lives just behind the old dance hall inherited from his parents and since transformed into one of the largest music halls in France.

Behind the Lido and the Moulin Rouge in terms of notoriety but ahead of them when it comes to reopening its doors.

This Saturday, the Royal Palace will therefore become the first major cabaret to welcome the public again since confinement.

With a strict health protocol visible from the entrance.

Each spectator must therefore pass through an ozone disinfectant cabin.

“We feel very clean afterwards,” smiles Pierre Meyer, who also had to reduce the number of places available.

From 1,000, the performance hall will increase to 700 when the two restaurants will also have limited access.

The founder of the Royal Palace, Pierre Meyer, and his dog "Choco".

- T. Gagnepain / 20 Minutes

“At the Lounge-club [the adjoining nightclub], you won't be able to dance but stay consuming at your table.

We have also eliminated seats at the bar.

All this has been seen with the sub-prefecture of Saverne and the Regional Health Agency (ARS).

People will have to keep their masks during the performance, not the artists who have been tested ”, specifies the almost septuagenarian, aware that all these measures should not be enough to attract the usual crowds.

Reservations confirm this.

“In October, we have 5,600 people registered for the moment, compared to 20,000 last year.

The third age does not come, there is not a coach operator.

People are afraid but with us, they are sure to have a good time, ”he pleads without complaining.

"The Royal Palace is not in danger"

The boss has adapted: the number of shows has been reduced, from 240 dates in 2019-2020 to 150 this time, and the neighboring hotel project has been postponed.

“We just want to be in balance this year and for that, we need 450 people per performance.

We lost 5 million in turnover with the Covid-19, it would be a nasty blow if we were to close again, but the Royal Palace is not in danger.

I have no rent to pay here and could very well not have reopened.

But for all the staff, it was important to leave.


For artists too.

“Today, 95% of the people in our branch don't have a job, so it's great to be here,” confirms Pierre Marchand, virtuoso of the diabolo.

“I was only due to come back here in 2022 but I was asked to replace someone stranded abroad.

I am delighted to be able to work and the show is great.


An opinion shared by the Duo Now, recent finalist of

La Bataille du Jury

on M6.

“Pierre Meyer has been asking us to come for ten years.

After the TV shows where there was no audience, we can't wait to get back on stage, ”explains Ludivine Fournon, who teams up with her partner Nicolas Besnard.

“It's going to be awesome.


Before the first performance this Saturday, October 3, it's time for the last rehearsals.

- T. Gagnepain / 20 Minutes

The break is over.

The rehearsals resume with passages from Jérémy Amelin (ex-

Star Ac 5

), Antoine Delie (

The Voice

2020) or pole-dancer Nadyia.

On the huge stage framed by 25 meters of LED screen, the time is still set with the choreographer.

Only a few hours left and the new magazine, entitled


, will experience its premiere.


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