China News Service, October 1st. According to Kyodo News Agency of Japan, on the 1st local time, the Tokyo Stock Exchange under the Japan Exchange Group (JPX) suspended all stock trading throughout the day due to a system failure. The 3-hour transaction record became the biggest failure in history.

Data map: On January 4, 2019, local time, the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Stock Exchange's first trading day in 2019 was held. The beautiful staff in gorgeous kimonos were particularly eye-catching.

  From before the market opened at 9 a.m. on October 1st, local time, there have been problems with the release of stock market information.

The Sapporo, Nagoya, and Fukuoka stock exchanges that use the TOEX system also suspended all stock trading throughout the day, and futures trading proceeded normally.

  The Tokyo Stock Exchange revealed that the possibility of illegal access from outside is very low, and the cause may be equipment failure.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato Katsunobu said at a press conference on the 1st: “I am very sorry that investors have limited trading opportunities.” An official of the Financial Services Agency pointed out: “I hope to quickly confirm the detailed reason and work hard to repair it as soon as possible.”

  According to the report, it is not clear how to deal with the buying and selling orders submitted by investors before the market opens, and the chaos may expand.

Various brokers are busy responding to customers with order issues.

In November 2005, it happened that all stocks could not be traded for about 3 hours.

There was also a complete shutdown in January 2006. This is a rare event after a lapse of about 15 years.

  On the Osaka Stock Exchange under JPX, which uses a different system from the Tokyo Stock Exchange, futures trading such as stock indexes will proceed normally from the morning of the 1st.

The Tokyo Commodity Exchange under JPX also implemented day trading of crude oil futures.

  The over-the-counter trading of the East Stock Exchange used by institutional investors has also ceased.

Due to a system failure, the Nikkei Index and the Topix Index, the major stock indexes of the Tokyo stock market, are in a state where they cannot be calculated normally.

  The report pointed out that on October 1, three companies, including the "Guangyin Holdings", which was originally scheduled to have the shareholding restructuring of the Bank of Hiroshima, were listed on the stock exchange, but they are currently not available for trading.

According to JPX, the total market capitalization of listed companies on the East Stock Exchange ranks third in the world after the two US exchanges.

There are currently about 3,700 listed companies. On September 30, the estimated trading volume was 1.442 billion shares and the turnover was 2.9 trillion yen (about 186.7 billion yuan).