An African gray parrot (illustrative image).


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A language that leaves much to be desired.

In the UK, five parrots had to be relocated this week from the shelter they were collected from in north London, the Huff Post reports.

Their problem?

They had the insult a little too easy on visitors and their caregivers.

These five African Gray parrots, called Eric, Jade, Elsie, Tyson and Billy, arrived at Lincolnshire Wildlife Center last August, CBS News reports.

Before joining their 200 fellows in the refuge, they were isolated in quarantine.

They were quickly noticed by caregivers because of their unchallenged language.

"It had gone crazy"

"They literally started insulting each other in a very short period of time," said Steve Nichols, the director of the establishment at CNN.

“'Fuck off' was the most common.

It had gone nuts, they were all swearing.

We were a little worried about the children, ”he continues.

According to him, none of the visitors to the establishment complained to the shelter.

“It amuses people a lot.

It's a little light in a very difficult year, ”admits Steve Nichols.

The team nevertheless decided to transfer these birds with their tongue hanging out too much.

They were even separated, to prevent them from provoking each other.


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