It was in 2019 that the World Health Organization, WHO, classified computer game addiction as a psychiatric diagnosis.

Sahlgrenska already has a reception for gambling addiction linked to money.

Computer game addiction is partly described as different, here it is about the fact that gambling has become an ingrained habit that has often lasted for a long time and taken over more and more of the victim's life and identity.

- However, it is important to point out that a lot of gambling does not have to be negative or problematic.

But in cases where gambling is no longer perceived as positive but where it instead creates stress and where people may have given up all other interests, it may be time to seek care, says Annika Hofstedt, unit manager at the new clinic for gambling addiction and screen health.

Will do research at the same time

The reception is aimed at patients aged 16 and up.

It is unclear how many people will be able to receive care, as it is not yet known how great the need is.

- It is also about us learning more about this group, we will start research studies in connection with the treatment, says Annika Hofstedt.

What is known so far is that men are overrepresented.

Women are believed to spend more time on social media, but there is no diagnosis called "internet addiction".

It is unclear if the pandemic will affect

- We are unsure of which age group may be overrepresented.

So far, both parents of children with problems and adults with their own problems have heard about it, says Annika Hofstedt.

Hofstedt says that it is too early to comment on what the pandemic may have for possible consequences when it comes to problematic computer games.

In the clip below, however, it is stated that the computer game industry has seen an upswing in recent months:

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During one week this year, game sales increased by 23 percent - and the pandemic is believed to be the explanation.

Photo: SVT