Orlando (United States) (AFP)

The concern persists in the ranks of Miami, the day after the defeat (116-98) against the Lakers at the opening of the NBA final: Goran Dragic, injured in the left foot, and Bam Adebayo, injured in the cervical, are announced uncertain for the match N.2.

The Florida club confirmed Thursday that Dragic suffered a plantar aponeurosis and clarified that Adebayo was suffering from cervical tension according to an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) passed in the morning, placing them in the list of uncertain players.

The day before, the club had mentioned pain in a shoulder for the pivot.

"It's a different injury than the one he had in the past in the shoulder, so it was obvious to draw a hot comparison. The point is, I have a lot of uncertainty for two starters," said Erik Spoelstra at a press conference.

"If plan A cannot be carried out, then we must go to plan B or plan C ... But I have a group that likes to work. We know that we will find solutions, to counter an opponent of We know that we will have to play much better than we did last night at all levels, "he added, wanting to be confident in the resources at his disposal.

“Our bench depth has been one of our greatest strengths this season. It's not like the guys who might come into the rotation haven't played before. They have confidence in themselves because they know they are 'they have played a big role for us all year round, ”Spoelstra said.

Its leader, Jimmy Butler, who twisted his left ankle but finished the match and will be fit on Friday, admitted that it should "maybe do without" Dragic and Adebayo.

"Obviously we really need these two guys, but I repeat, one player has to know how to rise when another has to sit," he said.

"The guys are going to have to step up the effort. But we have to stay calm. Wednesday we were nervous, it was our first time for a lot of us. I know we know how to bounce back, I think we can. ", assured Butler.

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