This Thursday, the latest coronavirus report shows 32,019 deaths in France, an increase of 63 deaths in 24 hours.

The positivity rate, that is to say the percentage of infected people among those tested, stabilizes at 7.6%, like last Wednesday and Tuesday.

France recorded 13,970 new cases of coronavirus on Thursday in 24 hours, according to data published by Public Health France.

63 Covid-19 patients died in 24 hours in hospital, for a total of 32,019 deaths.

The positivity rate of the tests, that is to say the percentage of infected people among the people tested, continues to stabilize, started over the last few days, at 7.6%.

The same percentage was announced on Wednesday and Tuesday.

It was 7.4% last Sunday and 7.2% on Saturday.

A little less than 4,000 new hospitalizations over the last seven days

Over the last seven days, 3,998 new hospitalizations were recorded, including 844 in intensive care.

1,234 clusters are currently under investigation by the health authorities, or 78 more since the last check-in.

In total, France has counted 577,505 confirmed cases of Covid-19.