“Health” protects senior citizens from “Corona” with home examinations

Several initiatives provide excellent health care to senior citizens.

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The Ministry of Health and Community Protection stated that it is keen to improve the quality of life of senior citizens and raise awareness of their special needs, with the aim of preserving and improving their health, by assigning them the best preventive health services to protect them from infection with "Covid-19", and providing facilities in the fields of health care, to ensure Their active and continuous participation within the community fabric in the Emirates

She indicated that with the emergence of "Covid-19", she was keen to launch home screening campaigns for senior citizens, in cooperation with the concerned authorities to check on their health, while taking all measures and precautionary measures, as part of its strategy to provide exceptional health care to senior citizens that suit their needs, and implement programs. A quality that protects their health, as an appreciation of their venerable place in society.

It has also launched several initiatives for senior citizens with the aim of providing distinguished health care to them, by developing its preventive, curative and promotional services, simplifying administrative procedures, and giving them priority in serving appointments and dispensing medicines and laboratories within the health information technology system «WRID».

The Ministry provides distinguished health services to senior citizens in all its hospitals, the most important of which is the Obaidullah Hospital for Senior Citizens in Ras Al Khaimah, which is the first hospital fully dedicated to treating the elderly in the country, and holds an international accreditation certificate, confirming the efficiency of health services provided by the senior citizens according to the latest standards Globalism.

The Ministry joins the countries of the world in celebrating the International Day of the Elderly, which falls on the first of October.

It is noteworthy that the UAE leads the Arab countries in life expectancy at birth (77.2 years), while the average healthy life expectancy index reached 66.7, according to 2016 statistics, and the average healthy life expectancy index is one of the main indicators adopted to measure the extent of the development of the health system in countries.


Senior citizens give priority in appointments service and dispensing of

medicines and laboratories.

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