It was chaotic, with insults exchanged

The first debate between Trump and Biden dealt with taxes and demonstrations

  • Emotion and profanity characterized Trump and Biden's responses during the debate.


  • Americans sit down to watch the debate.



Although the first debate between them was chaotic and punctuated by screaming, US President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, managed, yesterday, at dawn, within 90 minutes, to address a number of important issues facing the American voter in November.

Here are some points that typified the debate, from the substance to the shocking and insulting statements:

Stinging speech

Political observers expected the outgoing Republican president to be the initiator of the attack, but the former vice president, who is 77 years old, was the party who directed some of the harsh insults during the debate calling Trump a "clown" and a "liar."

“Everything he's saying so far is a lie,” Biden said.

I am not here to prove his lies. ”

At another stage of the debate and amid constant boycotts from the president, which prompted journalist Chris Wallace, who was running the debate, to intervene, Biden said: "It is difficult for a person to have a chance to say one word in the presence of this clown, excuse me this person."

"Hey, man," he said, a phrase that the Biden campaign immediately marketed on T-shirts.

The Democratic candidate said that Trump is "the worst president in American history."

But the 74-year-old former real estate mogul did not provide his shocking statements, rebuking Biden for criticizing the President's administration's response to the emerging Corona virus crisis, and saying that Trump needed to be "smarter" to avoid more deaths.

Trump replied, “You were the last or almost the last student in your class.

Don't use the word intelligence with me.

Never use it.

You have nothing to do with intelligence. ”


After a resounding report in The New York Times indicating that Trump had paid almost no federal income tax in 2016 and 2017, the debate was bound to touch upon the issue.

When Wallace asked Trump to explicitly say whether he paid more than $ 750 income tax in these two years, and not in the form of other taxes, he avoided responding at first, but after insisting he said that he had paid "millions of dollars", and he replied, "You will be able to see it" without To say when.

Sons intercalation

Much has been said and written about the business activities of Biden's son, Hunter, in Ukraine and China, and Trump has repeatedly tried to portray the issue as showing wrongdoing on the part of the former vice president, and Trump said: “China took your share, Joe.

No wonder your son goes and takes billions of dollars. ”

Biden reversed the roles, saying he could "talk all night" about the Trump family and "morals."

Trump's daughter, Ivanka, is a senior advisor to her father, and her husband, Jared Kushner, is a senior aide in the White House.

"My family lost a fortune in coming to provide assistance to the government," Trump said.

Later during the debate, Trump spoke again of Hunter Biden, saying he had been "disgracefully discharged" from the military for drug abuse.

Biden angrily responded, saying, “My son, like many people you know, had a drug problem.

"He overcame it, fixed the problem."

He also mentioned his son, Beau, who died of brain cancer in 2015, as a way to attack Trump, who was reported to have said that he described American soldiers as "losers" and "fools". Biden said: "He was not a failure, he loved his country." .

Beat the eggs

Wallace asked the two candidates to comment on the ethnic tensions that have swept the United States in recent months, after a number of African Americans died at the hands of police.

When the debating director asked Trump if he was condemning "those who believe in white supremacy" and asking them to back off, Trump said he was "prepared to do so."

But he added, “The Brad Boys (a far-right group), back off and be prepared.

But I will tell you something, which is that something must be done about Antifa », which is an extreme left movement.

The "Broad Boys" group apparently adopted the phrase, and a well-known social media account published a slogan saying: "Back off and be prepared."

Accept the election result

As the tumultuous debate drew to a close, Wallace asked the two men if they had pledged to accept the election result.

Trump has finally refrained from confirming his acceptance of a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the November 3 election.

"We may not know (the election result) months ago," he said, adding, "The end will not be good."

He stressed, "I urge my supporters to go to the polling stations and pay close attention."

For his part, Biden pledged to respect the results "after all funds have been sorted."

"I will accept" the election result, he said, adding, "If it is not me, I will recognize the result," promising at the same time that if he wins the elections, he will be both "the president of the Democrats and the Republicans."

Trump spoke of Hunter Biden, saying he was "disgracefully discharged" from the military for drug abuse.

Biden responded angrily, saying, “My son, like many people you know, had a drug problem.

"He overcame it, fixed the problem."

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