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  • Four years in prison were required on appeal this Tuesday against two Marseille police officers.

  • These two police officers are accused of having beaten a teenager without reason in the northern districts of Marseille.

  • The Advocate General also requested a ban on practice.

At least four years in prison, two of which were suspended.

This Tuesday, the attorney general of the Aix-en-Provence Court of Appeal requested heavy sentences against two Marseille police officers accused of having beaten, without reason, a teenager in 2018 in the North neighborhoods, learned

20 minutes

from the victim's lawyer, Me Linda Sennaoui.

The two men described as "exemplary" by their hierarchy had been sentenced in May by the Marseille Criminal Court to four years in prison, two of which were closed, but the judge had left it to their hierarchy to decide on a professional ban.

Prohibition on practicing the profession of police officer

However, they had been the subject of a suspension by their hierarchy on the very day 

20 Minutes

 revealed the fact that these two police officers were still exercising, one month after their heavy sentence in the first instance, and this in the midst of a debate on the police violence in France.

However, this Tuesday, the Advocate General also requested, as an additional penalty, the ban from exercising the profession of police officer.

"Four years including two suspended, it is the minimum quantum, declared before the Court of Appeal of Aix-en-Provence Denis Vanbremeersch, but on the additional sentence I ask for a ban to exercise the trade.

This ban, explained the Advocate General, I would not have asked if they had admitted the facts.


Since the start of this affair, Brigadier-Chief Lionel Pourtalet and the peacekeeper Thomas Bagnus deny in block having hit the teenager.

Both dressed in a black shirt and wearing a black mask, cropped hair, supported in the room by many colleagues, they reaffirmed at the bar their "innocence" and their suffering.

“This victimization must stop!

», Said the lawyer of the civil party, Me Linda Sennaoui.

"The only victim is Ishaq", she hammered, referring to the "shattered life" of a young man who "now has vision problems because of the fracture of the orbital floor of which he suffered. and is followed by a psychiatrist for his trauma ”.


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