Unannounced Visit Tobacco Ticket

  Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and State Supervision Commission website Zhang Shengjun

  "Cigarette tickets" are an important form of illegal gifts in the case of Li Kan, former party committee member and deputy director of the Health Bureau of Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province.

  According to locals, "cigarette tickets" are like securities, which can be exchanged for cigarettes or cash at designated stores.

Compared with the direct delivery of cigarettes, the "cigarette ticket" is convenient to carry and easy to receive and send, so it is gradually alienated into a gift giving tool.

  Since the beginning of this year, Xiaoshan District has deployed and launched a special rectification work on the "cigarette ticket" issue.

During the Xiaoshan interview, the reporter conducted an unannounced visit.

  On the morning of September 24, the reporter came to two cigarette hotels on Xianghu Road and Xiaoxi Road in the old city of Xiaoshan. The shopkeepers all stated that "there are regulations" to not sell "cigarette tickets."

One of the shopkeepers euphemistically told reporters to "look" at Chonghua Road.

On Chonghua Road, the reporter walked into two cigarette hotels again.

The owner of one shop said that he did not, and the person in charge of another shop, which seemed to be newly opened, said that he did not currently have a "full-time cigarette ticket" and "instructed" reporters to go to Panshui Road and look for it again.

  The reporter noticed that a green notice board was posted at the door of each store, which read "Make Xiaoshan clean and honest, say no to'cigarette tickets'", printed with "Disciplinary Inspection Report QR Code" and "Supervisory Telephone 12313". The inscription was "Xiaoshan District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Xiaoshan Tobacco Monopoly Bureau".

  When we came to Panshui Road, the reporter found that there were some large-scale tobacco and alcohol firms.

The reporter asked 4 companies in a row, and they all made it clear that they would not sell "cigarette tickets."

After that, in a store called "Qingfeng Vice Bai", the reporter had an unexpected gain.

  "Boss, do you sell'cigarette tickets' here? I want to give some gifts during the holidays."

  "'Cigarette tickets', yes! You have as many as you want."

  The reporter asked whether he could issue invoices and exchange other commodities, and asked the boss to take out cigarettes with exclusive codes to prove the authenticity.

After understanding the basic situation, the reporter left with excuses and dialed the "12313" supervisory number.

  According to reports, on the morning of September 25, the Xiaoshan Tobacco Monopoly Bureau went to the store for inspection and found 178 "gift vouchers".

Law enforcement officers conducted on-site education to shopkeepers on prohibiting the printing and sale of "cigarette tickets".

Subsequently, "Qingfeng Deputy Bai" was dealt with to stop the supply of cigarettes for two weeks, and the Xiaoshan Self-discipline and Mutual Aid Group's online nail group notified the exposure, warning and deterring all cigarette retailers in the district.

"No more'cigarette tickets' are sold anymore, which not only affects business, but also brings bad social atmosphere." A tobacco dealer said.

  "The formation of the'cigarette ticket' issue is a long-term process. Behind it is deep-rooted outdated concepts, accustomed'hidden rules', and intricate interest entanglements." The relevant person in charge of the Xiaoshan District Commission for Discipline Inspection said that it must be hard and heavy. Remedial measures, consolidate supervision responsibilities, tighten the system "cage", and promote the formation of consciousness of action.

  It is understood that Xiaoshan District has established a working group for the rectification of the "cigarette ticket" issue led by the District Discipline Inspection Commission and composed of the District Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, the District Market Supervision Bureau, and the District Public Security Sub-bureau. Through the establishment of a joint meeting mechanism, the issue is regularly studied and judged. Establish a grid management mechanism to do a good job in daily supervision; establish a clue handling mechanism to deal with the issue of violating discipline strictly and seriously; introduce a series of measures such as the introduction of incentives and mobilize the masses to participate in supervision to severely stop the local "cigarette ticket" unhealthy trend.