Alice Brignoli

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29 September 2020She had long been a fugitive with her husband, now she has been tracked down in Syria together with her three minor children and repatriated with them to Italy.

Alice Brignoli, 39, born in Erba and residing in Bulciago (Lecco), investigated for the crime of association with the aim of international terrorism, was captured by the Carabinieri del Ros.

The modalities of the arrest, still in progress, have not been disclosed.

The investigations of the operation called "Match" found that in 2015 Brignoli, together with her husband Mohamed Koraichi, an Italian citizen of Moroccan origin, and their three minor children, had left Italy to reach the territories occupied by the self-proclaimed "State Islamic ", where Koraichi took part in the military operations of the Caliphate, while she played an active role in the education of her children according to the precepts of Jihad.

The arrest was issued by the investigating judge of Milan at the request of the district anti-terrorism section of the Milan prosecutor.

The details of the operation will be disclosed during a press conference to be held at 10:30 at the Milan prosecutor's office.