President Trump Appeal for new corona measures before the presidential debate September 29, 10:27

President Trump of the United States has announced a policy of distributing 150 million doses of the newly developed new coronavirus test kit to each state to encourage the reopening of schools, and the administration's measures before the debate on the presidential election I appealed.

President Trump held a press conference at the White House on the 28th, and announced that the federal government would purchase 150 million new coronavirus test kits newly developed by an American company and distribute them to each state.

The test kit, which shows the results in 15 minutes, will be used in schools aiming to reopen and facilities for the elderly, and President Trump emphasized that "it will significantly expand the test capacity." did.

He said that as soon as the vaccine was approved, it would be distributed immediately, saying, "We will defeat the virus and end the pandemic. Next year will be the best year ever."

President Trump was initially criticized by the opposition and the Democratic Party for underestimating the risk and causing the spread of the infection over the measures against the infection of the new coronavirus.

At the first debate between candidates for the presidential election on the 29th, it is expected that there will be a fierce debate over measures against the new coronavirus.

It seems that President Trump also aims to appeal that the administration has taken sufficient measures before the debate.