Couples and sisters group "going to the sea" "post-90s" account for the vast majority of returnees and masters "gambling" on their future

  New Trends of Internet Pornography Crime

  Couples, couples directed and acted and filmed obscene videos, older sisters turned their younger sisters into "welfare Ji" for profit, returnee master prostitutes did not forget to record videos and then "make" a fortune... This kind of cyber pornography disrupts public order and morals and challenges the bottom line of the law.

Since January this year, the Lishui City Procuratorate of Lishui City, Zhejiang Province has cracked down on crimes of making, copying, publishing, selling, and disseminating obscene materials through the Internet. As of September 28, 14 related cases have been arrested and 29 people have been accepted. Examined and prosecuted 12 cases and 25 people, and prosecuted 4 cases and 13 people.

Friends and family group "going to the sea"

  It is understood that these Internet pornography cases handled by the Lishui City Procuratorate in Lishui City showed a phenomenon of “assist”. Many of the pornographic video shooters were lovers, relatives or friends.

  On September 9, the court prosecuted Zhang, Lin and other 8 people related to the "Ye Lushe" pornographic forum case for the crime of producing, selling, and disseminating pornographic materials for profit.

Among them, Zhang and Lin, who set up the "Ye Lushe" pornographic forum, are husband and wife, and Xiaohua and Xiaolian, who sold obscene videos to the forum, are sisters; on September 10, the court ruled that the defendant Liu in the case of selling homemade obscene videos , Lu is a couple who have been in love for many years.

  When asked why she would bring people around to engage in online pornography crimes, Xiaohua said: "My sister and I live together. In November 2019, she found out that I was a'Welfare Ji' and made some money by selling videos. I just wanted to do it, so I taught her to shoot, help her promote, and slowly she started to get started..." During the handling of such cases, the prosecutor also found that someone had formed a special QQ group or WeChat group to share their shooting experience. And content, recommend tasks and customer resources to each other.

In addition to selling obscene videos, there are even more development of offline assistance dating services.

 College couple fell for money

  On August 25 this year, both Liu and her boyfriend Lu, who were both born in 1996, were prosecuted by the Lishui City’s Liandu District Procuratorate on suspicion of making, selling, and spreading obscene materials for profit.

  Liu met Lu on the university campus. After two years of love, the two moved out of the student dormitory to rent a house off campus.

In the rental room, Liu will browse some pornographic websites with Lu and shoot some small videos by himself.

Lu recalled: “When I was browsing Weibo, I saw that someone posted some revealing photos and text ads on Weibo and made a lot of money. After that, I discussed with my girlfriend and shot some obscene videos. And pictures to attract others to buy and earn some living expenses."

  At the beginning, the two published and promoted their homemade videos on social platforms such as Weibo and Twitter.

After receiving the customer's "feeding fee", add QQ or WeChat friends, and send the price list to the customer, and the customer purchases obscene videos, pictures, and underwear from them through WeChat and Alipay transfer.

  In June 2019, after the two graduated from university, Liu found a legitimate career. Lu was still working in a well-known Internet company, but maybe it was too easy to make pornographic videos to make money. They did not choose to work hard and earn money. In half a year, he resigned and took full-time shooting and selling obscene materials at home for profit.

  On September 10 this year, the court found that between May 2018 and April 2020, Liu and Lu made illegally more than 530,000 yuan by selling obscene materials, videos and pictures. The defendants Liu and Lu were sentenced to ten years in prison for the crime of spreading pornographic materials for profit in the first instance, and fined 500,000 yuan and 300,000 yuan respectively.

"Post-95" as the main force

  Lovers Chen and Liu, both born in 1999, promoted obscene videos and pictures on Weibo, Twitter and other social platforms under the names of "White Socks and Socks" and made illegal profits of more than 130,000 yuan.

  In the "Ye Lushe" pornographic forum case, "Welfare Ji" Zhuo was born in 2000 and was under 20 years old when he was arrested according to law.

After review, she and her boyfriend produced 43 obscene videos and stored on mobile phones, Baidu Cloud Disk, and Tencent Weiyun. There were 348 obscene videos and 546 obscene pictures produced and stored on the computer.

Between July 2019 and May 2020, Zhuo and her boyfriend made a total of more than 160,000 yuan in illegal profits.

  Facing the prosecutor’s questioning, words such as "fear of hard work", "hard money", and "thinking not to break the law" were frequently confessed from these "post-95s". Laziness, greed, and lack of legal awareness made them go astray at a young age. .

  Among the 25 people involved in the review and prosecution by the Lishui City Procuratorate, "post-90s" accounted for 92%, "post-95s" accounted for 60%, and the youngest person involved was only 18 years old.

Highly educated crimes involving internet pornography are not uncommon

  Wang has a master's degree in the United States and works for a company in Shanghai. He has a bright future.

But in the second half of 2018, he found a pornographic website while browsing the web.

Wang said: "I found that other people on the website sell pornographic videos I took. I think I also have this resource, and I also want to make some money just like other people on the website." So Wang bought sneak shot equipment online. , Asked female friends to have sex in the hotel, and photographed the whole process, then edited and sold on the computer.

After review, Wang had sold 10 obscene videos before the incident.

  Wang is not alone. There is also the great god of pornographic video sharing website "Mr. Ram". He has been sentenced to 11 years in prison and fined 400,000 yuan by the court for making and selling obscene materials for profit.

"Mr. Ram" is a double master who returned from studying abroad. He earned one million a year before he was arrested. Now he can only live a "life behind bars" in prison.

  Among the 25 prosecutors reviewed and prosecuted by the Lishui City’s Liandu District Procuratorate, nearly 40% were involved in the case.

  The prosecutor handling the case pointed out that behind the "hot" of pornographic videos, there are personal factors such as the weak legal awareness of the people involved and the deviation from the core socialist values, as well as problems such as network supervision, and it is urgent to strengthen governance.

  Fan Yuehong He Xuanman