United States: with the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett, Trump hopes to revive his campaign

Donald Trump at his White House press conference on September 27, 2020. AP Photo / Carolyn Kaster

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The US president is preparing for his first debate Tuesday, September 29 against Joe Biden.

After appointing Conservative Justice Amy Coney Barrett to sit on the Supreme Court, Donald Trump hopes it will mobilize his supporters and revive his campaign.


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With our correspondent in New York,

Loubna Anaki

Faced with journalists at the White House on the evening of Sunday September 27, Donald Trump displayed the confidence of the great days.

I am sure that we will win in November and I am sure that we will also regain the majority in the House of Representatives

 ", declared the American president.

It must be said that he comes out of a weekend during which he was applauded, greeted, by his supporters happy with the appointment of

Conservative judge Amy Coney Barrett

to the Supreme Court.

A double-edged sword

A highly political decision and a strategic bet for the president's campaign, lagging behind in the polls in some states like Florida.

Donald Trump is counting on this appointment to mobilize his supporters and convince any undecided conservative voters.

But it is too early to know if this nomination works in the favor of the president and the Republican Party.

Some experts even believe that it could be a double-edged sword.

A poll released today by the

New York Times found

that a majority of voters believe it should be up to the president-elect in November to appoint a new Supreme Court justice.

In any case, Donald Trump believes he is in a strong position on the eve of

his first debate against Joe Biden.


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