Observation | Public spending: a hidden corner

  Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and State Supervision Commission website Han Yadong

  On September 27, the website of the State Supervision Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection announced the nationwide investigation and punishment of psychiatric problems that violated the eight regulations of the Central Committee in August 2020. Among them, 574 cases of illegal public funds were investigated and handled, and 877 people were dealt with.

From January to August 2020, 6,287 illegal eating and drinking problems were investigated and dealt with nationwide, accounting for 19.2% of the total number of investigations and punishments for hedonic luxury problems, ranking third.

  A review of the typical cases of public money eating and drinking notified in various places on the eve of the "Two Festivals" found that some people hide in canteens, private clubs, farmhouses and other places for private consumption of public money, and the problem of invisible mutations of public money eating and drinking in violation of regulations occurs from time to time.

For example, Kong Qingcheng, deputy director of the Shandong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, went to the in-house cafeteria of the company to accept a banquet after the company’s official meal; in order to use public funds to reimburse the hospitality expenses, the Beijing Chemical Materials Corporation split the meal invoices and falsified...

  Under the "ban", what are the typical situations for the hidden consumption of public funds?

How is the cost of eating and drinking from illegal public funds reimbursed?

How to check and treat the public funds of "changed vest"?

Reporter conducted an interview.

  The increment of illegal eating and drinking problems continues to decrease, but the absolute value is still high, and we must be highly vigilant against invisible mutations

  Statistics show that from the implementation of the eight central regulations to the end of 2019, 36,400 illegal eating and drinking problems were investigated and dealt with nationwide, accounting for 10.9% of the total number of investigations on hedonic and extravagant problems, ranking fourth among the problem types.

  Illegal eating and drinking problems accounted for the proportion and absolute value of mental problems that violated the eight central regulations in the investigation and punishment, but the increase continued to decline.

From 2016 to 2019, from 2016 to 2019, there were 6,100, 8,600, 11,000, and 12,000 illegal eating and drinking problems nationwide, of which 24.8% and 15.9% occurred in the same year. , 12.0%, 7.5%.

Judging from the investigation and investigation data and the investigation and understanding of the situation, the country has basically stopped the unhealthy trend of enjoyment and luxury, and the inertia of the unhealthy trend has been reversed. In particular, illegal public funds under the eyes of the masses have been effectively curbed, and the number of problems has been declining year by year.

Many party members and cadres report that nowadays, when eating out, organizing weddings and funerals, and organizing collective activities, they will first consider whether they are in compliance and whether they will have an adverse effect. The concept and trend of doing things according to the rules and frugal is emerging.

  "Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the whole party has taken the governance of public funds as an important focus for implementing the spirit of the eight regulations of the central government. It has been holding on to the end. Discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels have strengthened supervision and discipline, and continued to exert force. Resolutely rectify the'tip of the tongue' that cadres and the masses hate, and have achieved remarkable results." The relevant person in charge of the Party Work Style and Political Style Supervision Office of the State Supervision Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection said.

  With persistent rectification and the improvement of rules and regulations, blatant public funds for eating and drinking are relatively rare, but invisible mutations such as illegal eating and drinking still occur from time to time. Be vigilant.

  On September 24, the Shandong Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection reported 5 typical cases of illegal eating and drinking, all of which were new manifestations of invisible mutations in illegal eating and drinking.

For example, the cadres of the People's Court of Zibo High-tech Zone have dinners, but the management service objects pay for the meals; the Zaozhuang Municipal Agricultural Machinery Bureau uses methods such as false conference fees and training fees to reimburse the over-standard and unofficial reception expenses at its own unit and its affiliates; The former mayor of Chayekou Town, Xueye Tourist Zone, Laiwu City, in the name of purchasing office supplies, seedlings, car rental, etc., falsely issued invoices, and reimbursed the 270,000 yuan of illegally purchased drinks in 30 times in the town’s financial accounts.

Cleverly set up names to get funds, carefully packaged to get through

  Under the continuous high pressure situation, how are the expenses of illegal public funds for food and drink reimbursed?

Cleverly set up a name to obtain funds, carefully packaged to get through, this is the basic way of private consumption of public funds.

  Some false names have changed to report food and drink expenses.

In August of this year, Huang Jianping, the former director of the Animal Husbandry Service Center, Sandian Street, Xinzhou District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, was expelled from the party due to inflated expenditures and arbitrage of more than 200,000 yuan of public funds for food and entertainment.

From 2015 to 2018, due to work coordination, food, drink and entertainment, the center incurred over-standard reception expenses of about 50,000 yuan per year.

In order to avoid inspections, Huang Jianping arranged for financial personnel to make false claims in the name of normal expenses, and to take out funds to solve them.

In 2015, an inflated expenditure of more than 40,000 yuan was incurred in the cost of afforestation materials and pollution investigation fees. In 2016, an inflated expenditure of more than 110,000 yuan was inflated in the disaster-free treatment fee. In 2017, it was inflated in the remuneration fee for work. More than 50,000 yuan was spent, all of which were used for coordination of the work of the center, food, drink and entertainment expenses.

  Some false reports pretend to be state-owned or collective funds for eating and drinking.

From 2009 to 2015, Jiangjunshan Village, Xugu Town, Wuhan City, when implementing the policy of returning farmland to forests, used false listings or false increases to obtain more than 600,000 yuan of state policy subsidy funds, and entered the village collective accounts as contracting income or other income.

Among them, nearly 70,000 yuan was used for food and drink entertainment and village collective vehicles.

The village party branch secretary and director Dong Jiankai was severely warned by the party.

  Some forged official reception letters to eat and drink.

The former State Taxation Bureau of a city in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region used 75 false official reception letters to illegally charge more than 110,000 yuan for meal expenses.

  Some falsely list the number of diners and raise the standard of meals.

Yu Hexian, a former section-level cadre of the Civil Air Defense Office of Jiangxia District, Wuhan, falsified on the official reception dining approval sheet, falsely listed the number of meals to increase the dining standard, violated the regulations, exceeded the scope, and exceeded the standard reception. The amount involved was 10,677 yuan. He was warned by the party.

  Some are broken up into parts or reimbursed with fake invoices.

Qiu Zhide, director of the Finance Office of Phoenix Town, Wuhan, personally entertained friends, spending a total of 2,780 yuan, and issuing 3 invoices. The reimbursement was falsely listed as the entertainment district People’s Congress, the Audit Bureau, and the town’s leaders.

Qiu Zhide received a warning from the party.

  In addition to the concealment of the "digestion" of public funds for eating and drinking, places where illegal eating and drinking are also more concealed.

In order to circumvent supervision, some people have moved to the internal canteen, training center, farmhouse or neighboring areas of the unit or enterprise to eat and drink.

For example, the Party Branch of the Transportation Management Office of a certain district of Chongqing City organized 27 party members to eat and drink at the farmhouse in three batches in the name of carrying out branch study.

Some even arrange dining places outside the city or county to avoid supervision.

For example, a former deputy investigator of the Health and Family Planning Commission of a district of Wuhan led a team to a town in the district to inspect the work, and the town would arrange the public fund reception location in Macheng City, Huanggang City.

Establish a ubiquitous monitoring network to solve difficult problems

  In order to engage in "corruption on the tip of the tongue," some cadres can be said to have exhausted their brains, but the process is not without flaws.

Once digging deep and investigating, its trick of hiding ears and stealing bells can easily be exposed.

  In April of this year, the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of Hunan Province notified the Changde City Public Security Bureau's Patrol Special Police Detachment of using public funds to purchase tobacco and alcohol, and reimbursement for office supplies and printing fees.

Previously, the inspection team of the Changde Municipal Party Committee found an abnormality when reviewing the accounts of the special police detachment of the city patrol: the detachment's expenses for office supplies, printing fees, etc. were too high, inconsistent with the business characteristics of the unit, but the reception expenses were minimal.

When the financial officer explained this, he accidentally said the name of a tobacco and alcohol firm.

The inspection team checked the financial vouchers and found that the detachment consumed a large amount of consumables and office supplies in the firm, which did not match the firm’s business scope.

The inspection team transferred clues to the problem to the Supervisory Committee of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Changde City.

In the end, it was verified that the special police detachment of the Changde Public Security Bureau "smartly established a name" and reimbursed more than 60,000 yuan for tobacco and alcohol expenses.

  "The invisible mutation of public money eating and drinking is nothing more than the concealment of the subject, the concealment of the means, the concealment of the place, and the concealment of the source of funds. As long as you keep a close eye on these key links, multi-pronged, dialectical treatment, the problem of invisible mutation naturally has nowhere to hide." Said Xiao Kaibin, head of the Party Work Style and Political Style Supervision Office of the Supervisory Committee of the Hunan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection.

  In accordance with the “Opinions on Implementing the Important Instructions of General Secretary Jin Ping, Strengthening Supervision and Discipline and Resolutely Stopping Food Waste” issued by the National Supervisory Committee of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the supervisory committees for discipline inspections at all levels pay close attention to the illegal public funds for eating and drinking, Catering wasteful behaviors, based on functional responsibilities, carry out precise and innovative supervision, and severely curb the unhealthy trends of public funds eating and drinking and extravagant waste.

  In response to the current issue of false reports and other special funds for eating and drinking, the Commission for Discipline Inspection of Cangnan County, Zhejiang Province has established a joint fiscal and auditing department to establish a performance evaluation system for special fiscal funds.

Not long ago, the Shibang area of ​​Jinxiang Town in the county used the method of inflated garbage disposal to take away more than 70,000 yuan from the town's financial funds, and more than 30,000 yuan was used to offset the reception expenses and the canteen deficit.

The Commission for Discipline Inspection of Cangnan County quickly discovered the abnormal use of its special funds and promptly investigated and dealt with it.

They also regularly coordinate with the finance and taxation departments to compare and analyze data such as the catering invoices of various units and the use of "three public" funds, and dig in and investigate the suspicious clues that have been screened out.

  Establish a ubiquitous monitoring network to solve difficult problems.

The Commission for Discipline Inspection of Hangzhou Municipality, Zhejiang Province, opened a green channel for communications, visits and reports, and it is necessary to investigate and promptly investigate and promptly investigate the violations of public funds, eating and drinking, and waste of catering by leading cadres; Chongqing Shizhu County Commission for Discipline Inspection relies on the intelligent monitoring of big data platform "Official Consumption" The “Internet supervision” system has nowhere to hide all kinds of illegal eating and drinking methods; Songzi City Commission for Discipline Inspection in Hubei Province has hired 40 social supervisors to use “clicks” and “one-click to talk” in time and space. Expand the supervision network.

  “The methods of eating and drinking of public funds are constantly being renovated and become more concealed and complex, which makes the supervision and enforcement work more difficult. But the magic is one foot high, and the road is high. The discipline inspection and supervision agencies have targeted research on specific strategies to crack new variants of public money eating and drinking. , Is also constantly compressing the living space of invisible and new mutations such as'fake bills to cash in, eat and drink, don't eat public funds, eat the boss'. No matter how deep the invisible and how clever the mutation, it is hard to escape the denser and denser and more accurate The website of discipline management." said the person in charge of the Party Work Style and Political Style Supervision Office of the Wuhan Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection.

Examine the loopholes in the implementation of the public funds reimbursement system, and squeeze the space for manipulation from the expense terminal

  One of the reasons why "corruption on the tip of the tongue" has fallen to the roots is that the system is not detailed enough, and the specific operation process is very flexible.

In response to this, the discipline inspection and supervision agencies at all levels carefully examined the ambiguity, regulatory blind spots, and implementation loopholes in the public funds reimbursement system, and promoted the introduction of more operative rules to use the system to control public funds.

  Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, further clarified the dining standards for official receptions and business receptions, strictly implemented the official card settlement and publicity report system for all official receptions, improved the reimbursement process for official receptions, and strictly implemented "one letter, one menu" and "one card, one invoice". Report on January."

"'An official letter' plus'a reception consumption menu' is to compare the number of people;'an official card consumption record' plus'a consumption invoice' is to compare the amount;'Report every January' It refers to the monthly report of the official reception of the unit through the comprehensive and strict management of the party and the performance of the documentary platform for electronic reporting and supervision and inspection." said Chen Wenbo, director of the Party Style and Political Style Supervision Office of the Taizhou Commission for Discipline Inspection.

  Not long ago, the documentary platform system of Yuhuan City, Taizhou City, which strictly governs the Party and performs its duties, automatically issued an orange warning, indicating that an official reception reported by the Municipal Agriculture, Rural and Water Resources Bureau may have exceeded the standard.

  "Please provide the invoices, menus and other information corresponding to the official reception for verification." After research and judgment, the bureau may have a mental problem in violation of the eight central regulations. The Yuhuan Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection set up an investigation team to conduct preliminary verification.

Soon, the problem of the bureau’s over-standard and over-range official reception surfaced: in a reception fee report, their total meal expenses greatly exceeded the prescribed standard, so the forged records inflated 4 diners in an attempt to deceive Pass.

After the incident, Wu Wanfu, the deputy director of the bureau, was given a warning from the party for taking leadership responsibility. Zuo Guiqi, director of the Agricultural Economic Service Center under the bureau, was given a severe warning from the party for being directly responsible. 9 public officials who participated in the meal received varying degrees Organizational processing.

  "One letter, one menu," "One card, one invoice," "One month, one filing", squeezed the space for manipulation from the expense terminal.

"By checking the menu, you can prevent high-end dishes, tobacco and alcohol, etc., and you can also use official reception letters and invoices to mutually verify the number of meals and reception specifications to prevent individual units from inflating the number of receptions to cover up overspending and exceeding standards." Deputy Commissioner for Discipline Inspection of Yuhuan City Secretary Xu Haochen said.

  The problem of eating and drinking public funds is stubborn and repetitive. This is related to the lack of awe of discipline and rules by a small number of party members and cadres, and it is also related to the mentality of good face, pomp, and lavishness.

To this end, all localities insist on rectifying the "four winds" and fostering new trends simultaneously, vigorously promote reform and innovation, seeking truth and being pragmatic, working hard, and working hard to reverse unhealthy reception concepts and wine table culture.

  The "Mid-Autumn Festival" and "National Day" holidays are approaching, and problems such as illegal eating and drinking are prone to occur frequently.

Discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels must earnestly fulfill their supervisory responsibilities, resolutely put an end to illegal eating and drinking, rectify the invisible variation of the "four winds", and continue to promote the establishment of a style of action.