When his wife visited the city, Kari Tapio was able to shoot after him and overshadow his wife like a private detective.

Sometimes he rushed to his wife’s workplace to rage.

He even doubted his wife's relationship with Julio Iglesias.

Jealousy is a raging feeling.

The matter came up on the wallpaper this week when a new book told about the jealousy of the late singer Kari Tapio.

Kari Tapio was jealous, although his wife never gave a reason.

A new book about Kari Tapio started a discussion about furious jealousy. Photo: SEPPO SOLMELA

According to Antti Heikkinen's work Kari Tapio, Elämä (WSOY), the singer's jealousy only settled in his last years.

Many have also remembered the jealousy of hill jumper Matti Nykänen, from whom a variety of things moved for decades.

One of the best known is related to the honeymoon of the 80s.

There was a stir when Matti Nykänen's second wife Pia Nykänen returned home from her honeymoon.

According to his wife, Matti was angry when Pia looked at the palm tree, but Matti claimed that he was looking at another man.

Matti Nykänen's first Spouse and his firstborn mother's mother Tiina got to experience the jealousy of their wings when she performed at a fashion fair on stage to present a clothing collection.

The enraged Nykänen had to attack the Photographer at the fashion show, who fluttered the pictures, when he noticed that he was photographing Tiina.

Jealousy, which has acquired absurd features, is also widely described in Finnish literature.

It is not an unusual phenomenon in the own lives of well-known writers either.

Matti Nykänen's Pia spouse also sometimes suffered from her husband's jealous behavior. Photo: Ari Nakari

Doctor of Philosophy, author Panu Rajala knows the life stories of notable writers quite accurately.

When talking about jealousy, Kalle Päätalo (1919–2000) comes to mind Rajala in particular, whose jealousy was in a class of its own.

The main house was a real serialist, but still he was jealous of his wife.

Maybe he was afraid his wife would act the same way he did?

- The main house took liberties, but especially watched over his first wife, although there was certainly not much reason in his wife.

That's probably the difference, Rajala thinks, referring to the end of the marriage of Kalle and Helvi Päätalo.

Kalle Päätalo received jealousy in a way from his blood inheritance from his father Hermanni, who was ferocious in his jealousy.

Hermanni Päätalo also suffered from a mental illness.

Hermanni aka Herkko was insanely jealous of his wife Riitu.

Herkko imagined that Riitu is in bed with stranger men as soon as the eye avoids.

Herkko couldn't leave for Savotta's job either.

That's when Riitu would be able to mess with strangers.

The jealous features of the author Kalle Päätalo were well known. Photo: Markku Bärman

Riitu could not worry about hanging the laundry on a string to dry.

Herkko imagined that by placing the garments on a string in a certain order, Riitu sent messages to his lovers living on the other shore of Lake Jokijärvi, who were not in science beyond Herkko's imagination.

In the 1930s, Herkko was admitted to the Oulu District Mind Hospital.

Kalle Päätalo was as jealous of his first wife as his father Herkko Riitusta.

All the while, Kalle suspected that his wife had someone else.

Of his own loyalty, Kalle was not unnecessarily accurate.

The biography written by Ritva Ylönen tells how Kalle flew pollen from flower to flower like a bumblebee.

Kalle fucked pretty much everything that moved.

But Kalle, his Helvi wife, was insanely jealous, even though there was no reason.

In the winter of 1945, Kalle had a reckless rage and tried to commit suicide.

Kalle was admitted to a mental hospital just like Father Herkko in the 1930s.

- Part of the reason for the suicide attempt at Päätalo was his uncontrollable jealousy that swelled over him, says biographer RitvaYlönen.

There are also many descriptions of pathological jealousy in Kalle Päätalo's monumental Iijoki Series.

Panu Rajala knows that many Finns familiar to the public suffer from jealousy. Photo: Reijo Hietanen

There is something about the difficult controllability of jealousy that Kalle Päätalo had suffered from his father's jealousy attacks as a child, but still he himself jealously watched his wife.

Maria Jotuni (1880-1943) was jealous of her husband, Professor Viljo Tarkiainen, although their marriage was reportedly mostly miserable.

- Jotuni was accusing and constantly skeptical according to the biography, Rajala knows.

According to a biography written by Jotun's grandson Kari Tarkiainen, Viljo Tarkiainen took his wife's accusations heavily.

The observant himself was prone to rage attacks.

When Tarkiainen turned 50, the author's spouse sat in the adjoining room as the congratulators arrived to demonstrate.

- When they went for a walk, they always went from the front door in different directions, Rajala says about the author's marriage.

Poet Lauri Viita (1916-1965) suffered from serious mental health problems, which made him paranoid, but Rajala does not consider him to be jealous.

Viita doubted everything.

- He chained Aila (Aila Meriluoto) so carefully home that jealousy could not be created in it, Rajala smiles.

According to Rajala, the jealous feelings of FESillanpää (1888-1964) are also reflected in his literature.

Although novels are usually pure fiction, they always involve the author’s own emotional world.

- He was retroactively jealous of his wife's youthful beloved.

It is one kind of jealousy, Rajala laughs.

Kaarina Helin was one of Kalle Päätalo's secret lovers and also experienced the author's jealousy. Photo: Raimo Jokisalmi

Eino Leino (1878-1926) was jealous of L.Onerva when his beloved was in his first marriage.

By the time L. Onerva married Leevi Madetoja, the love affair had already turned into a friendship.

JL Runeberg (1804-1877) had several loved ones, the most important of which was Emilie Björkstén.

According to Runeberg’s biography written by Panu Rajala, Emilie was jealous of Runeberg’s best friend Maria Prytz.

Jealousy is not always reasonably explained: with Fredrika’s wife, Emilie was even a friend, but for some reason Maria Prytz caused her a jealousy of jealousy.

Fredrika Runeberg would often have had reason to be jealous, but she was quite relaxed about her husband’s loves.

- Fredrika tame and controlled her jealous feelings, Rajala points out.

According to Panu Rajala, jealousy is skilfully described in the play Everstinna, performed by Heidi Herala, which is based on a novel by Rosa Liksom.

The Colonel's role model is the author Annikki Kariniemi.

Kariniemi married Colonel Oiva Willamo.

The man visited the guests but was a sick jealous of his young wife.

According to Rajala, Matti Kassila also managed to skilfully portray jealousy in his film The Red Dove, in which a man played by Tauno Palo Spies on his wife, played by Helen Elde.

Panu Rajala's book Väinö Linna will be published at the end of October.

There is no jealousy in it, because it did not belong in Väinö Linna's life.