China News Service, Shenyang, September 28th, title: The remains of the seventh batch of martyrs of the Chinese People’s Volunteers in South Korea were buried in Shenyang

  Author Wang Jingwei

  In the early autumn morning, there is a sense of coolness. Many citizens of Shenyang have spontaneously come to the cemetery of the martyrs in the War of Resistance Against America and Aid Korea. They hold flowers with sad faces and solemn expressions to send the heroes the last journey.

  At 10 o'clock on the 28th, the burial ceremony for the remains of the seventh batch of Chinese People's Volunteers in South Korea was held in the sinking Volunteer Army Martyrs Memorial Square in the cemetery.

The square is surrounded by the famous wall of martyrs, and in the center stands a sculpture with the theme of mountains and ridges and white dove reliefs, symbolizing heroes like mountains and praying for peace.

The flower basket placed in front of the sculpture embodies people's deep sorrow for the martyrs.

The picture shows the scene of the burial ceremony.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Yu Haiyang

  Accompanied by the "Song of Thoughts" played by the trumpet, soldiers of ceremonies lined up to escort the remains of volunteer martyrs into the scene.

  The people at the scene saluted the coffin spontaneously, and several veterans of the Korean War of Resistance against U.S. Aid and Aid Korea stood tremblingly. The military medals on their chests reflected the white hair on their heads. Tears greeted their comrades returning home after 70 years of absence.

After the majestic and high-pitched national anthem "March of the Volunteers" was finished, the audience paid a silent tribute to the volunteer martyrs and bowed three times to the remains of the martyrs.

  "Raise the gun, get ready, let it go!" Following the command, the salute fired 9 shots in a consistent and uniform manner.

Gunshots cut through the silent sky, and the soldiers paid their respects to the martyrs.

Afterwards, soldiers of ceremonies escorted the martyrs' coffins slowly into the burial palace.

The picture shows the scene of the burial ceremony.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Yu Haiyang

  The 89-year-old Sun Deshan was dressed in military uniform with military medals all over it, which made him stand out among the farewell crowd.

In 1949, the 16-year-old Sun Deshan became a soldier of the Second Guard Company of the Northeast Military Region in spite of his family’s opposition to joining the army. The following year he went to North Korea to participate in the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea.

After returning to China, Sun Deshan would visit the Martyrs Cemetery to sweep the tombs of the martyrs in Qingming every year.

  In order to commemorate the sacrificed comrades in arms and let more young people know about that period of history, Sun Deshan also built an education pavilion to resist the United States and Aid Korea in his yard.

Over the years, Sun Deshan, with a meager income, relied on picking up waste products and built the exhibition hall, using more than 1,000 exhibits to remember history to show future generations.

  "These volunteer soldiers were so young when they sacrificed and were buried in a foreign country for so many years. Thank the motherland for not forgetting them for so many years and taking them home." The volunteer veterans and representatives from all walks of life who participated in the burial ceremony said that the heroic spirit will live forever. In the hearts of the motherland and people.

The picture shows the scene of the burial ceremony.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Yu Haiyang

  According to Wang Chunjie, Section Chief of the Publicity and Education Section of the War Memorial of the War of Resistance against US Aid Korea, in order to welcome the remains of the seventh batch of warriors to return home, the War Memorial of War of Resistance against US Aid Korea has formulated the "Receiving and Burial of Martyrs' Remains" to ensure that each point is responsible.

  This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Chinese People’s Volunteers’ going abroad to fight against the US and aid Korea.

Since 2014, a total of 716 remains of the Korean Volunteers have returned to the motherland.

Under the sunlight, the golden characters "Immortal Heroes of the Martyrs to Resist US Aid Korea" shined brightly on the towering monument, and flowers stood quietly under the long wall of famous martyrs.

The motherland will never forget, the people will never forget, they will always be the loveliest people.