A major control operation was carried out on the roads of Brittany by the gendarmerie on September 25, 2020. -


The Breton gendarmerie had planned to strike a big blow.

On Friday, it deployed a vast control operation to fight against drug trafficking.

In the four Breton departments, 269 soldiers were deployed along the roads.

Objective stated: "to fight against the consumption, resale and trafficking of narcotics throughout Brittany", specifies the communication unit of the gendarmerie region.

The men in blue especially wanted to test the effectiveness of the fixed tort fine (AFD) punishing stoners with a PV of 200 euros which has just been generalized.

The results of this operation can be surprising.

If the number of checks carried out may impress - 1,340 people according to the figures disclosed - the number of verbalizations turned out to be very low.

From noon to midnight on Friday, only eight people were arrested and seven small fines were issued.

The gendarmes mobilized also noted 57 violations of the Highway Code.

The operation nevertheless mobilized significant resources in the local brigades, research brigades, surveillance and intervention platoons (PSIG), departmental road safety squadrons and dog-friendly intervention groups.

By being visible, the gendarmerie hopes above all to deter trafficking.


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