US Democratic Party Candidate Biden strongly opposes the conservative nomination of Supreme Court Judge September 28, 4:39

Mr. Biden, presidential candidate of the U.S. opposition Democratic Party, said that President Trump's nomination of conservatives as a judge of the Supreme Court should be decided after the election, saying that if the Supreme Court becomes more conservative, it will hinder people's lives. I strongly opposed it.

President Trump will nominate conservative Judge Barrett to replace Liberal Judge Ginsburg of the Supreme Court, who died this month, on the 26th, aiming for parliamentary approval before the November presidential election.

If approved, six out of nine Supreme Court judges will be conservative, but Democratic candidate Biden will meet in eastern Delaware on the 27th, and if the Supreme Court becomes more conservative, the people will I strongly opposed the medical insurance system = Obamacare, saying that it might be abolished or the right to abortion might be lost.

He added that the Senate approval process, which is scheduled to begin next month, "The Senate must adhere to democracy. It must not accept this nomination until the elections to elect a new president and parliament are over." He called on Republican lawmakers not to agree and urged that personnel affairs should be decided after the election.

Some say that President Trump's nomination is in anticipation of a presidential election involving a court battle, and there is likely to be fierce controversy between the two camps over the approval of Judge Barrett.