Ukrainian military plane crashed 25 people killed and flight violation investigation opened

  A military transport plane in Ukraine crashed on the 25th, and it has been confirmed that most of the 27 people on board were killed.

  The An-26 transport plane crashed near a military airfield in Chuguyev, Kharkov Oblast, Ukraine at approximately 21:00.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs said in a statement that there were 27 people on board, of which 20 were cadets of the Kharkov National Air Force University and 7 were crew members.

The official said there were 28 people on the plane, but it was later confirmed that one of the students did not board the plane.

According to the Ukrainian Independent News Agency, at 20:50 on September 25, local time, an An-26 military aircraft crashed near Kharkov in eastern Ukraine.

The picture shows the wreckage of the plane after the crash.

Text source: CCTV News

  The National Emergency Management Agency previously said that 22 people have been confirmed dead, 2 people were seriously injured and 3 people are missing.

The Russian Satellite News Agency later quoted a statement from the Ukrainian Attorney General’s office and reported that 25 people have been confirmed dead and 2 seriously injured.

  The video showed that the plane crashed on the side of a road, igniting a big fire and rising smoke.

  An eyewitness told Reuters that he was driving, and after the plane fell to the ground, he saw a man running out of the plane with fire on his body.

"Another car stopped behind us," the witness said. "We took a fire extinguisher and ran up with another driver to help him. Another man ran out of the plane. He had a wound on his head. We took He dragged it to the other side of the road."

  The An-26 is a medium-sized transport aircraft with a length of approximately 24 meters and two propeller engines.

The governor of Kharkiv Region, Alexei Kuchel, said that before the crash, a pilot reported that the left side engine of the plane was malfunctioning.

  Kuchel also said that for experienced pilots, an engine failure usually does not lead to serious consequences.

The Presidential Palace of Ukraine said that based on preliminary information, the plane was performing a training mission at the time.

  Russian Satellite News Agency quoted a Ukrainian media report. A Ukrainian Defense Ministry official said that the trainees of the Air Force University were receiving flight training.

  Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said that the incident was a "tragedy" and will visit the local area on the 26th.

  Ukrainian prosecutors have conducted a criminal investigation into this incident.

(Hui Xiaoshuang) (Xinhua News Agency Special Feature)