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02 October 2016 The New York Times obtained and published donald trump's tax return for 1995 and an analysis of the documents carried out by experts consulted by the newspaper shows that the current Republican candidate for the presidency of the United States has benefited from a deduction such that he may have legally allowed him not to pay federal income taxes for 18 years. 

The documents obtained by the New York Times have never been made public before and show that in Donald Trump's tax return for 1995 there is a loss of 916 million dollars and a tax deduction of that entity - it is explained - could precisely allowing him to legally enjoy the 'discount' on federal taxes for nearly two decades later.   

While Trump's taxable income for subsequent years remains unknown, declaring such a loss for that year may have enabled him to 'write off' over $ 50 million a year of taxable income for over 18 years.

Tax experts interviewed by the New York Times underline how some tax rules that are particularly advantageous for the wealthiest may have allowed Trump to use the loss declared to cancel an equivalent amount of taxable income over an 18-year period.

An "extraordinary tax allowance", notes the newspaper, "that Trump has drawn from the financial collapse he left behind at the beginning of the years through the mismanagement of three casinos in Atlantic City, the unfortunate foray into the corporate sector flights and the untimely purchase of the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan ".

What we know and don't know about Donald Trump's taxes https://t.co/RiG8WBHsaq

- The New York Times (@nytimes) October 2, 2016

Trump's reply: "Documents obtained illegally".

The New York Times?

"Clinton Campaign Extension"  

"The only news here is that a tax document from over twenty years ago was obtained illegally, further proof that the New York Times, like the establishment media in general, is a extension of the Clinton campaign, the Democratic Party and their special global interests. "

And 'the reply, through a note released by the staff for the election campaign of Donald Trump,

The Republican candidate for the presidency of the United States has not in fact so far responded to requests to publish his tax returns.

"Mr Trump is a very skilled businessman - the statement reads - who has the responsibility towards his business, his family and his employees not to pay more taxes than is legally required. Trump has paid hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes. "