The defendants took advantage of the vacancy of the house and sneaked into it at night

Trial of 5 Asians who stole jewelry worth 600,000 dirhams from a citizen's villa

The Dubai Criminal Court has started the trial of an Asian gang, which includes five accused, four of them specialized in house theft at night, and they managed to rob a citizen's villa, and steal jewelry valued at about 600 thousand dirhams, including 34 bracelets, 53 rings, 81 earrings, chains, necklaces and watches. .

The victim said that he was outside the country with his family last January, when he received a call from his aunt stating that his villa had been stolen, so he returned immediately, and upon inspecting the contents of the house, discovered the theft of an iron safe containing jewelry and a black bag with documents, in addition to two jewelry boxes that were above The hairdo shelf in the bedroom, pointing out that the thieves took advantage of the darkness, climbed the wall of the house, taking advantage of the absence of adjacent villas, and broke the lock of the dining room window, then infiltrated inside, and stole the jewelry that was left on the hairdo, as they took an iron safe with them.

He pointed out that the Dubai police called him later after the accused was arrested, and he was able to identify a large part of the jewelry that was seized in the defendants' homes.

A Dubai Police witness said that a work team was prepared after receiving reports of house thefts, and arresting gang members who came from their country specifically to carry out these crimes, pointing to the arrest of four of the participants in the theft, and a fifth accused was intending to dispose of the stolen jewelry in exchange for a sum to be delivered to the gang But they were arrested before they were disposed of, and a search is underway for others to flee.

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