The number of victims in the crash of a Ukrainian military plane rose to 26, found in black box

  China News Agency, Nursultan, September 27. News from Kiev: As of the 26th local time, the death toll caused by the crash of a Ukrainian military aircraft rose to 26, and the black box has been found.

According to the Ukrainian Independent News Agency, at 20:50 on September 25, local time, an An-26 military aircraft crashed near Kharkov in eastern Ukraine.

The picture shows the wreckage of the plane after the crash.

Text source: CCTV News

  An An-26 military aircraft crashed on the evening of the 25th local time near Chuguyev, Kharkov Oblast, in northeastern Ukraine.

According to a report by Uzbekistan News Agency, staff cleaned up the wreckage at the crash site on the 26th.

The person in charge from Kharkov Region who participated in the cleanup stated that the black box was found from the wreckage on the 26th and has been sent to the military for "technical processing and investigation."

  The live video released by Uzbek media showed that the plane crashed on the side of a road, broke from the middle, and then caught fire and raised thick smoke.

The An-26 is a medium-sized transport aircraft with a length of about 24 meters and two propeller engines.

Kharkov Governor Kuchel said that before the crash, a pilot reported that the left side engine of the plane was malfunctioning.

  Kuchel also said that for experienced pilots, an engine failure usually does not lead to serious consequences.

The Uzbek Presidential Palace stated that based on preliminary information, the aircraft was performing a training mission at that time.

  Uzbekistan Independent News Agency reported that the plane crashed or its engine malfunctioned.

There may be three reasons for the failure, including improper operation of the crew or personnel responsible for flight control, or failure to perform their own responsibilities, or failure to perform maintenance according to standards.

  Uzbekistan's National Emergency Management Agency said that as of the 26th local time, the death toll from the accident has risen to 26.

According to the Uzbekistan Ministry of Internal Affairs, there were 27 people on board, of which 20 were cadets of the Kharkov National Air Force University and 7 were crew members.

The official said there were 28 people on the plane, but it was later confirmed that one of the students did not board the plane.

  Uzbek President Zelensky called the incident a "tragedy" and has urgently established an investigation committee to investigate the crash.

Uzbekistan's procuratorate has also conducted a criminal investigation into the incident.