The first debate of U.S. presidents is not limited to shaking hands

  The Republican presidential candidate and current President Donald Trump and the Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden have sent representatives to finalize the details of the first presidential election debate on the 29th.

Affected by the new crown epidemic, the two would not shake hands or touch elbows that night, and the audience was limited to at most 80 people.

  People familiar with the matter disclosed that Trump was almost unprepared for this debate, and Biden had simulated exercises many times.

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  The US “Political News” reported on the 26th that the representatives sent by Trump and Biden decided after “friendly consultation” that, given that the current epidemic is still raging in the United States, the two will not shake hands before the start of the debate in accordance with tradition on the evening of the 29th. Will use elbow bumping to complete this ceremony, because both camps feel that elbow bumping is "awkward".

Data map: Trump wears a mask publicly for the first time.

  However, Trump, Biden, and the host of the evening, Chris Wallace of Fox News Channel, do not wear masks.

  Different from previous presidential election debates, the number of people "watching the game" on the campus of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, where the debate was held, has been limited to 75 to 80 people.

The audience will be tested for the new coronavirus before entering the venue.

  Affected by the epidemic, after the debate, media reporters’ interviews with the two presidential candidates in the reception room were also cancelled.

Reporters may instead interview representatives of the two campaign teams.

  Trump and Biden will debate three vigorously this year.

The first debate was originally scheduled to be hosted by the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, but was forced to move to Cleveland due to the epidemic.

The second debate was originally scheduled to be held at the University of Michigan on October 15th, and the venue was later changed to Miami, Florida.

  Representing Trump to finalize details include Rick Ahern, who assisted him in preparing for the presidential election debate in 2016, and his re-election team deputy manager Max Miller, and Biden is represented by long-serving Democratic lawyer Brady Williams. Sen.

  The Associated Press said that the debate allows millions of voters to compare the policies and personalities of the two presidential candidates and is therefore regarded as an important part of the end of the 2020 election.

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  The Politburo reported that Trump and Biden’s representatives decided after a coin flip, and Trump answered the first question in the debate on the evening of the 29th.

  Several anonymous people familiar with the matter told the Associated Press that the two presidential candidates are currently preparing very differently for this debate.

The Trump team has hardly made any formal preparations, and the Biden team has asked senior adviser and former White House general counsel Bob Ball to play Trump and practiced several times.

  The Trump side refused to disclose whether someone had been appointed to play Biden.

According to the president's assistants and allies, Trump insists that the best preparation is to do his daily work, especially the frequent "arguing" interactions with media reporters.

The campaign team arranged for Trump to directly answer questions from voters on the ABC program earlier this month in order to prepare for the second "civic assembly" debate this year.

  On the Biden side, Bauer used Trump's style and usual strategy to fight Biden.

The Associated Press said that the Biden team deliberately played down the importance of the debate to the election while actively preparing.

They believe that in the past elections, there have been many presidential election debates that have been deemed to be “final” and have little impact. However, this year’s epidemic and economic conditions have overwhelmed voters and the debate will not change the basic direction of the election.

  Biden himself told Microsoft-National Broadcasting Corporation on the 26th that he expected the debate to be "difficult" and was ready to attack with all his strength. He believed that Trump "does not know how to discuss facts", "not so smart", "unfamiliar with foreign policy" and "don't understand." "Details" will only be a direct personal attack.

  Agence France-Presse said Trump has never stopped laughing at Biden's lack of energy, often calling the latter "sleepy Joe."

However, both seem to be prone to saying the wrong thing, but Trump is more aggressive.

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