Clashes in the north and west of Al Dhalea

The coalition destroys a "booby trapped plane" launched by the militias towards Saudi Arabia

Elements of the Yemeni forces participating in the battles of Al-Dhalea.


The Arab Coalition Forces to Support Legitimacy in Yemen announced yesterday that it was able to intercept and destroy a drone (booby trapped) launched by the Houthi militia towards the Kingdom, while the coalition fighters destroyed drones and a weapons store belonging to the Houthi militia in the Kataf district in Saada governorate, while confrontations renewed between the forces of The Yemeni army and Houthi militias on the fronts of Al-Fakher, Al-Jeb and Habeel Al-Abdi, in the north and west of Al-Dhalea governorate, clashes continued on the fronts south of Ma'rib, and the militias continued to escalate them on the fronts of the western coast.

In detail, the spokesperson for the Coalition to Support Legitimacy Forces, Colonel Turki Al-Maliki, stated that the joint coalition forces managed, yesterday, to intercept and destroy a drone (booby trapped) in the Yemeni airspace launched by the terrorist Houthi militia in a systematic and deliberate manner to target civilian objects and civilians in the southern region of the Kingdom. Saudi Arab.

In addition, the northern and western fronts of Al-Dhalea witnessed, yesterday, confrontations between the joint forces and the Houthi militia as the militias continued to mobilize and send reinforcements to the contact fronts, and field sources stated that the sectors of Al-Fakher, Al-Jeb and Battar witnessed violent confrontations between the two sides yesterday morning, in which various types of weapons were used. .

The sources indicated that the battles reached Habil Al-Abdi, west of Qataba, and left dead and wounded among the militias, as well as the destruction of their combat vehicles. Units of the First Thunderbolt Brigade of the Joint Forces and the southern forces were able to target Houthi reinforcements that were on their way to the Hubail sector. Abdi and destroyed it.

The commander of the Habil al-Abdi sector in the First Sa'iqa Brigade, Colonel Ramah al-Shuaibi, confirmed in a press statement that the brigade’s forces, with the support and support of the 30th Armored Brigade, responded to the Houthi attack, days after monitoring the militia’s movements at the station, east of the city of Al-Fakher, Tabab Othman, Markhaza and Habeel al-Abdi, and the joint forces dealt With the attack, through tight ambushes and camouflaged ambushes, and the brigade's artillery bombed Houthi combat vehicles that were trying to advance towards the legitimate areas.

In Marib, the Yemeni army forces and the tribes continued the operations of clearing and securing the liberated areas between the districts of Jabal Murad and Rahba, with reinforcements continuing to be sent to the vicinity of the Awshal region, while Houthi groups were seen fleeing from the areas of “Haid Al Ahmad and Hamra Al Awshal Front” towards the Al Musharif area on the outskirts of Rahba district. , Towards the white.

In Al-Bayda, the local resistance in Dhi Na`im district bombed Houthi sites in the district, which led to the death of a number of militia members, including the Houthi leader, known as "Abu Jihad Al-Tayyabi," and a military vehicle with a 12.7-caliber machine gun was damaged.

In Saada, the coalition fighters destroyed drones and a warehouse containing missiles in the Al-Mellil area in the Kattaf border district, which the Houthi militias were using to attack the southern border of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Yemeni army positions in the district, and also targeted Houthi military reinforcements and gatherings in the Kattaf.

And in Al Hudaydah, on the western coast of Yemen, Houthi militias bombed areas on Al Quds Street in Al Hawk district, killing a child and a woman and wounding three other women, in addition to damaging a number of houses, as part of the escalation, violations and daily violations by the militias of the UN armistice.

The joint forces monitored 72 violations committed by militias in separate areas south of Hodeidah, affecting cities and residential areas in Al-Jabaliya, Al-Faza, Al-Tuhayat, Heis, Al-Tur, Al-Duraimi, and Al-Hudaydah city, and the Media Center for the Giants Brigades stated that the militias bombed cities and residential areas with heavy mortar shells of 120, 82, 60 caliber. With RPG shells, it opened fire with its 12.7 caliber and 14.5 caliber machine guns and snipers at those areas hysterically.

Coalition fighters destroy drones and a Houthi weapons store in Saada.

A woman and a girl were killed, and 3 women were injured, in Houthi shelling on Al-Quds Street in Hodeidah Governorate.

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