However, the notice that North Korea sent yesterday (25th) has quite a bit of a mismatch in itself, without any comparison with what we have figured out.

For example, when the distance is 80 meters away, there are conversations and so on, but additional clarification is needed. 

Reporter Kim A-young addressed this issue one by one.

Unlike our announcement, which revealed the details of the


case by time, North Korea wrote a rather blunt expression saying it was the evening of the 22nd.

Explaining the shooting situation, he also claimed that Mr. Lee was likely to escape, and that he was about to overthrow something.

It sounds like an unexpected situation was expected, but at the time, Mr. Lee had been adrift for at least 10,000 days.

[Song Yeong-gil / Chairman of the National Assembly's Foreign Affairs and Transportation Day (Yesterday): No, where would a person floating on a float in the sea escape?

There is a question as to whether this is an understandable explanation.]

North Korea also said that it had asked for Mr. Lee's identity verification from 80 meters away, but I am wondering whether it could have been able to smoothly answer questions and answers 80 meters from the sea. .

[Moon Geun-sik/Former submarine captain: I can't hear you well.

80 meters above sea level.

(In the case of Mr. Lee) If it is exposed to water for a long time at that time, it is difficult for a person to talk.]

North Korea said that Mr. Lee disappeared when approached after firing with 10 bullets, but the body of Mr. Lee who was wearing a life jacket It is also difficult to understand that it has disappeared into the sea.

The military, however, refrains from direct refutation.

After the North Korean notice, further analysis is underway on the points of intersection between the two Koreas without making a separate position.

Inside the military, it is impossible to go as if to fight the truth about the facts, but the atmosphere is that it cannot accept the North Korean claim as it is.

(Video editing: Park Jeong-sam)       

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